Power of subconscious- the secret to success
Exploiting our power of subconscious is the mysterious key for people who want to perfect themselves.

The subconscious is an important component in the brain because it determines 90% of a person’s thinking activities. On the other hand, consciousness only accounts for 10% of your thinking and ability. The subconscious is much more special than the consciousness.

The power of subconscious mind
The power of subconscious mind

It is often referred to as the mental or universal part, and you can never know its limitation, except for the ones you deliberately choose. Images of yourself and your habits are subconsciously “living”. It works in every cell of your body. This part of the mind is related to the sublime human being on a higher level than the unconscious. It is the bond that connects you to the world, to the origin and infinite wisdom of the universe.
The subconscious is permanent, infinite and it is only active in the present moment. It stores your experiences and memories, it monitors all of your body’s activities, motor functions, heart rate, digestion …. The subconscious thinks literally, and it will take over all the thoughts your consciousness has chosen to think. It is not capable of refuting concepts or ideas. Thus, that means we need to choose how to use consciousness to re-establish beliefs subconsciously, and subconsciously have to accept new ideas and beliefs; must not “reject” them.

We can totally make conscious decisions to change the power of subconscious.

change the power of the subconscious
Make conscious decisions to change the power of the subconscious.

The subconscious has:

Extensive processing capabilities

Long-term memory (past experiences, attitudes, values ​​and beliefs)

The ability to handle thousands of events at the same time

The motivation which has capability of moving at a speed of 160,000km / h
The average capacity of processing 4 billion pieces of information per day.

Power of subconcious

As you can see, the power of the subconscious is far more than that of consciousness. Imagine your mind as an iceberg. The part of the iceberg where you see the floating part of the water is your consciousness. It only shows about 1/6 of your intellectual ability only, and the underwater part (about 5/6) is your subconscious. When we function mainly out of consciousness (which we often do) we only use a small fraction of our true potential. Consciousness is a much more slow and cumbersome vehicle than the subconscious.

Therefore, our goal is to learn most of the subconscious and use it for our own benefit. Every day, we have to create a space to “register” with our mental subconscious. A period of daily quiet time that is not distracted by outside factors strengthens our connection with who we really are.

Power of subconscious- the secret to success: Exploiting power of subconscious with modern psychological applications.

modern psychological applications

We can connect to the subconscious by using a few tricks like affirmation, visualization, praying, thinking and meditating, being grateful, appreciating, and focusing on positive thoughts.

The power of the subconscious can take us to every place we want to go, helping us reach our goals in life more quickly and easily. So, by connecting and using our subconscious’s incredible velocity, strength, and agility, we can deliberately use the law of gravity to attract and achieve the results that we have been expecting more efficiently.

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