Your subconscious mind never ceases its work. It controls almost all bodily functions and activities, as well as finds answers to every problem you face. What happens at the subconscious level also affects what happens at your conscious level. To put it another way, changes within yourself, even in your unconscious state, can still come true. So what you need to direct your own life is to plan the subconscious mind programming effectively.

First of all, you need to know how to connect with your subconscious mind, talk to it about your problems and then find the right solutions. This article introduces to you a simple exercise before and after bedtime to activate your subconscious’s abilities. You don’t have to spend too much time practicing, while the results may exceed your expectations.

Subconscious mind programming with sentence
Subconscious mind programming with sentence

Before going to bed

Many successful people in the world portray his success in part from the subconscious power. They purposefully direct the working of their subconscious mind during sleep. How can they do that?

Usually, the subconscious receives the will of its subject through repeating actions or thoughts. You can send messages to the subconscious mind through meditation or note-taking. Write down your goals and what you need to do to get there.

Ask yourself questions regarding what you want to do, as many as possible. In other words, send requests to your subconscious. Write these questions down on paper and mull them over carefully. The more detailed the questions, the clearer the corresponding answers will be. When you go to bed, the subconscious mind programming process will figure out itself the answer you need.

After waking up

Researchers believe that the human brain works most intelligently and efficiently after waking up. Try giving up the habit of surfing your phone or Facebook 10-15 minutes after waking up. Instead, you can find a quiet place to meditate and brainstorm ideas.

At that point, think about the subconscious requirements you’ve listed before going to bed. You posed questions, speculated the problem, and wrote down the goals you want to achieve. So when you wake up, start writing down whatever pops up in your mind. That’s the first thing you should do on a new day when your brain is at its most alert. It is also when your subconscious has just finished answering the questions you ask. Write down those answers, as specific as possible.

Mental creativity always precedes physical creativity. Your thoughts and ideas are the primary building materials of your life goals. Once you know how to control your thoughts both consciously and subconsciously, you will set the stage for successful conquest. Are you still doubting this? There are no better ways to prove it than practicing it by yourself.

subconscious mind programming by meditation

You can find other useful suggestions about effective exercises for your subconscious mind programming in other of my articles. For example, you can consider self-hypnosis, meditation, positive affirmations, or achievement visualization. All of the methods work to some extent with particular groups of subjects. Find out more writings in our blog to discover what really works for you!

We ourselves are the constructors of destiny. With such simple steps and exercises, you can figure out where you want to go, and how you can get there. Download the RESUMIND app to help you open your subconscious doors.

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