Many individuals and religions have their own ideas about life after death. For the scientists, the question they are interested in will be: “What happens to human consciousness after clinical death?”.

1. Scientific evidence for the existence of human consciousness after death.

A group of researchers at the University of Southampton in the UK have carried out the largest ever medical study of what happens to our consciousness after death.

They concluded: “We still do not know what happens but consciousness and awareness seem to still exist until some time after clinical death.” This conclusion suggests that consciousness and the body are related in some way. Then separate from each other after clinical death.

Does consciousness exist when we die?
Mysterious phenomenon of the spirit leaving the body after the heart stops beating.

Scientists at the University of Southampton in the UK have spent four years studying more than 2,000 people with heart attacks at 15 hospitals in the UK, Australia and Canada. And they found that nearly 40% of the survivors described a particular form of “consciousness” during the time they died clinically before the heart beat again.

2. Typical examples of the existence of consciousness after death

One man recalls that he had completely left his body and stood in a corner of the room. He watched the doctors resuscitate him. Although the man was unconscious and had been clinically dead for 3 minutes, he recounted in detail and accuracy the actions of the nursing team and the sound of the working machines. “We often assume that death-related experiences are just hallucinations. They occur before the heart stops beating or after the heart beats again. It is not a real experience. The detailed memory of visual perception in the man’s case is consistent with past events, “Parnia said.

Some people see the bright light at their clinical death

The concept of near-death experiences is interesting to scientists. Because the nature of these experiences is completely subjective and cannot be quantified. In an attempt to gain a more objective view of what happens to human consciousness, Dr. Sam Parnia, head of the team of researchers said:

“Evidence shows that within the first few minutes after death, consciousness does not completely disappear. We know the brain cannot function after the heart stops beating. But in this case, consciousness seems to persist for 3 minutes, although the brain usually stops working 20-30 seconds after the heart stops beating.

Dr Parnia also said, “1/5 of the people studied say they feel incredible peaceful. The other one-third find time slowing down or passing faster. Some people see the bright light, halo, or sunshine. The rest of the people feel scared or feel like they are drowning in the water. Another 13% say that they find themselves physically separate … “

3. Conclusion about the existence of consciousness after death

Research has provided reliable evidence that part of consciousness can persist for at least some first few minutes after clinical death and maintain alertness to observe the body and what impulses occur. Somehow while resuscitating, the scientists admitted that they were still completely unaware of what would happen to human consciousness after death.

Conclusion about the existence of consciousness after death
People can feel death, even for a few minutes

Although the researchers have not reached the conclusion, this research certainly opens up more in-depth studies on the relationship between body and soul. The gap between the science and spirituality will likely become narrower faster than ever.

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