Motivation is what makes you ready to do something. It is a combination of psychological strength that helps you make the decision to act. Sometimes, you will find it easier to change than to keep the same state. You will feel better looking for another job, instead of getting low wages every month and having to spend frugally. So how to overcome psychological obstacles and be motivated to act and change?

Motivation is the result, not the cause

Surprisingly, most of us think that motivation is created by watching videos or reading inspirational books. However, that doesn’t really work. Instead, motivation should be understood as the result of the action, not the cause of it. You achieve something, and that becomes your driving force. Starting by conquering the small things, then feeling proud will naturally motivate you.

Motivation to overcome challenges

How to get motivation: Make it simple to start

You are often lazy before you start doing something, and imagine how difficult it will be for what you are going to do. That is an excuse for not dare to do, not dare to change. The hardest part, however, isn’t the process, but it’s overcoming your psychological hurdle to get started. Once you start, everything will continue to move and proceed according to its functioning. So, the key to being motivated is to make the process simple to get started.
Make a plan to create your motivation

You are trying to lose weight, but constantly delay yourself exercising for various reasons. This just makes you feel more frustrated. Once you have a goal, plan it out right away. Only when you do does motivation emerge. Don’t wait until inspiration comes, but take the initiative.

How to get motivation: Make it simple to start

Methods to get motivations

So how do you get motivated to work, even if you don’t want to do it? From the experience of successful people, the lesson is that we should not only make plans but strictly follow our own rules. Haruki Murakami always wakes up at 4 am. He wrote books for 5 hours, then jogged. The careers of successful people, including top creators, are not determined by sudden inspiration. On the contrary, they strictly follow their own principles. Try training yourself with some good habits below.

Start the day with a familiar exercise. If you have a special way to get inspired before starting work, get in the habit of doing that. For example, you will be more creative if you listen to music without lyrics. So always turn on instrumental music when working.

How to get motivation: Make it a habit

To turn motivation into a habit, practice the following 3 steps:
First, let’s start work easily. Do not hesitate too much to make a decision to do something. If motivation doesn’t come as soon as you think about work, it may come after you start. So let’s make the process simple and easy to get started.

How to get motivation: Make it a habit
Make it good habit

Second, get active. Many studies show that a lack of motivation in life often starts with laziness in physical activity. If you are more active and feel healthy, your spirit will also be full of energy. Your mind will be effectively activated based on your movements and a flexible body.

Third, follow your schedule as a daily routine. Every time you follow the rules and routes you outlined, your performance is enhanced. Therefore, make sure that you always follow such a route. As time goes on, you won’t need to find motivation anymore. Instead, simply start things out of habit.

Try practicing with the methods above to motivate yourself every day. Don’t forget you can always find help from technology in this modern society, whenever you want. Our Reprogram Subconscious Mind app is created to help you harness your subconscious powers and achieve success. Try it out!

how to get motivation with resumind
Using a resumind app is a way to increase motivation

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