Do you think animals have the same subconscious mind as humans? If yes, how do animals use their subconscious in their lives? Let’s find out about this interesting question in this post.

What is the meaning of the subconscious mind?

If you are a person interested in the subconscious topic, maybe you have already understood this term very well, are you? The subconscious is all reactions and automatic actions we can become aware of if we think about them. It contains all information, experiences, and memories since birth, which belongs to the nervous system of the human brain.

What you focus on exists in your conscious awareness is your conscious mind. What you don’t focus on (or are not aware of in the present moment) is your subconscious mind.

The fact about subconsciousness of animals

If you consider the mind as a pyramid of layers of information processing by neurons, it is easy to understand that any nervous system has an unconscious mind. Like humans, most animals also have a nervous system. If you’ve ever seen dogs dreaming, you will know many animals have subconsciousness as well. For example, some mammals are capable of emotions and empathy. This suggests a subconscious mind.

In humans, the pyramid of consciousness is complex and serves as a structure for a delicate subconsciousness at the top. However, even in an insect, we could speak of the subconscious. Because there is already a hierarchy in its nervous system: its best-informed neurons do not control all its acts.

Subconscious expression in animals

As we all know, the subconscious is a place where emotions are repeated to gradually adapt to any situations. I give you an example of the rat.

The rat’s instinct is to prefer darkness to light. However, if you put them into a dark cage, they became frightened. After several repetitions, the subconscious of the rat got used to this fear. Now, the rat is afraid of the dark. Or subconscious simply makes them avoid the darkness in the cage.

If the rat is human, they will probably tell us about their fear in the dark. This indicates an ability to sense emotions. We know that people have cognitive abilities because we can think, speak, make decisions and understand each other. But we don’t have the technology to go into their subconsciousness. So, we cannot really know how they’re feeling, or whether they are actually conscious.

This distinction is more difficult when it comes to animals because we cannot clearly realize their subconsciousness. However, we can see the expression of them through actions. You can see that your dogs are happy when you come home, or sad when you scold them

Animals are like humans, they have emotions and empathy. In general, they also have a subconscious mind. Although it is not as complicated as a human being, at least it is, this is also an interesting topic for scientists. Please treat animals well because they can realize how they treat them.

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