Human consciousness also has the different levels. In this article, we will talk about 3 levels of consciousness that are applied to classify the human energy field.

To make it easy to understand, as well as to ensure the subjective and clinical accuracy, we have applied the following classification for these energy fields.

It is very important to remember that correction points do not represent an exponential increase, but a logarithmic function.

Therefore, level 300 is not the double of 150. It is the 300th power of 10. Therefore, it only takes a few points to increase the difference in energy. The rate of energy on this scale is therefore enormous.

All levels below 200 are destructive both personally and socially. On the contrary, all levels above 200 are constructive manifestations of energy.

The key level is 200. It is the hinge that divides the common areas of force ( the wrong) from power (the right).

To describe the emotional relevance of the cognitive energy regions, we should remember that they are rarely expressed as mere states of an individual.

A person can function at one level in a certain area of life but quite possibly different in other areas

1. The first of the 3 consciousness levels-Energy level 20: Humiliation.

The level of humiliation leads to death, where one may deliberately choose to commit suicide. This is called ” passive suicide ”.

The common way is to die from avoidable accidents. All of us are aware of the pain of “losing face”, being discredited, or feeling like we are “nothing”. On the level of humiliation, people bow their heads and hide, wishing they were invisible.

The personality which develop on the humiliation is often coward and introverted.

Early experiences, such as sexual abuse, which lead to humiliation, often distort personality throughout a lifetime if these problems are left untreated. Humiliating, as Freud had pointed out, gave birth to functional neurosis.

It is harmful to emotional and psychological life. Moreover, as a result of the crushed self-esteem, it makes people more prone to developing physical illness. The personality which develops on the humiliation is often coward and introverted.

Humiliation is also used as an instrument of atrocity, and its victims become brutal. Humiliated children are often brutal towards animals and atrocious towards each other.

The behavior of people with a sense level of between 20 and 30 points is very dangerous. They are very likely to have hallucinations of accusations, as well as delusions. Some people become psychotic or commit strange crimes.

Some people with a background at the level of Humiliation compensate with perfectionism. They are rigid, and becoming stubborn to pursue a goal.

Serial killers often act in the name of sexual purity, with the justification that it is a punishment for women they call “negligent”.

Since it lowers a person’s entire personality level, humiliation creates vulnerability to other negative emotions. Therefore, it often produces the anger, and torment.

2. The second of the three consciousness levels- Energy level 100: Fear.

At the 100 correction point, there is more energy. The fear of danger is actually the healthy fear. Fear exists everywhere in this world.

We are afraid of the enemy, the old age or death, and the rejection. From this perspective level, the world looks frightening, full of traps and threats.

Fear is a very popular tool of control by agencies and regimes.
The increase in fear can be indefinitely just like the human imagination. When fear becomes the focus of someone else, it grows more as it absorbs the countless terrifying events in the world. It becomes obsessive and can exist in any forms.

With the fear, the world looks frightening, full of traps and threats.

Fear of losing a relationship leads to jealousy and chronic high levels of stress. Frightened thinking can blossom into paranoia or create mental defenses. Because it’s contagious, it becomes a common social trend.

Fear limits growth in a personality and leads to inhibition. Because you need so much energy to overcome fear, fearful people cannot reach higher levels without help.

Therefore, they often seek for the strong leaders who seem to to lead them out of that prison.

3. Consciousness level 200: Courage.

On the courage level, we attain real strength. Therefore, it is also the power transmission level. This is the area of ​​discovery, accomplishment, and perseverance.

At lower levels of consciousness, people see life with hopelessness, sadness or frustration. But at the level of courage, they find life exciting, challenging and full of excitement. Courage means being willing to try new things and face up to the life.

On the courage level, we attain real strength.

At this level, humans have the energy to learn new career skills, develop and cultivate themselves. They have the ability to deal with fears and personality weaknesses.

Obstacles that beat humans with consciousness levels below 200 now become triggers for those who have grown to this first level of power.

The more energy people at this level get from life, the more energy they give back. Because achievements generate positive feedback, self-reward and self-esteem quickly become a self-help tonic. This is where productivity starts.

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