The problem of student’s motivation for school is not a new issue. But for a long time Vietnamese schools have considered it obvious that learners must have motivation to have good learning result. But in reality, due to universal education requirements, “everyone can learn” but “who can acquire the learning process” is not an easy problem.

The role of students’ motivation for school in the development process of forming their personality, under the perspective of science Educational psychology.

Learning motivation is a psychological factor reflecting an object capable of satisfying the needs of learners. It orientates to promote and maintain learning activities of learners in order to dominate that object. Two important issues that show the nature of motivation for school must start from “Satisfy the needs of learners” and it must “Orientate to promote and maintain learning activities”

Students have no motivation for school.

Motivation is the source of energy, encouraging student to try to have the best studying result. But it has not reached the point of “urge”, learners cannot focus “energy” on it. Therefore, they can not pay attention, urge themselves to act on their desired goals. Sometimes students want to study well, but do not have the determination to overcome the difficulties in learning. They are not motivated students.

That is the basic reason we need to give students motivation to learn. That motivation must be strong enough to attract learners to complete their learning tasks. Learning is not an easy brainwork. It requires high concentration of attention, persistence, patience, perspiration and effort to achieve results.

2. Current situation of motivation of high school students in Vietnam.

Students today, when going to school, are influenced by many factors. If teachers do not know how to stimulate and attract students, they will surely be able to leave their central tasks. Currently, there are at least 3 types of students in each school. The first group is students who have a diligent, conscious, motivated study schedule, always pay attention to overcome difficulties to achieve high results in school. The majority of other students have unclear motivation for learning, but accept the pressure of teachers and parents trying to achieve the average. Others have no motivation to study, trying to study to finish their finish the day. Therefore, their studying results are always weak. So how to motivate learning for these two types of students is a difficult problem of education?

motivation for school
Twenty percents of students have no motivation for school.

Surveying 620 high school students in Vietnam to self-assess their learning motivation, we got the results that 10% of students only go to school to have fun with friends. 10% of students do not identify clearly the purpose of going to school. And only 80% of students consider it the mean to acquire knowledge.

3. Reason why students lack motivation for school.

Investigating the reasons leading to students’ weaknesses, we have the following results. Only 35% of the students identified themselves as determined in learning. Only 22% of the students said that they pay attention to the lecture. And 41% of students rated themselves to be capable of self-study.

When students have no motivation for school, they cannot self-study.

Through these specific figures, we can see that the current average and weak students, due to unclear learning motivation, does not turn into motivation to help them overcome difficulties in learning. This is a rather difficult problem, if we do not solve it, it is difficult to have a sustainable quality education.

Therefore, it’s very neccessary to find the solution to help student have more motivation for school. Only by that way can we improve the quality of education.

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RESUMIND -motivation for school, student and teacher
RESUMIND -motivation for school, student and teacher

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