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Corona Virus is dangerous. It spread so fast. This app: “Corona Virus Prevention Tips” help you don’t forget do the right. To protect your self, protect other people.

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How the app work?

How it help you prevent Coronavirus

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mask save world , drink warm water , no touch mouth , no touch eyes , 2 meters far , wash the hand , clean door knob , we will win.

Mask save world – Corona virus Prevention Slogan

Mask protect oposite people, near you people, and you.

Coronavirus alive inside tini water. Someone cough then make tini water gone out. In the air, virus can survive 30 minutes. ( 8h on the face of metal)

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Made in Vietnam mask, 0,3 USD per pice.

Cause Incubation is 14 day so you have to use a mask or a piece of cloth, all is OK. Even you are young and strong, Using mask is protecting other people, special is old people.

Drink warm water (and gargle)- VERY EFFECTIVE TIP

One Vietnamese friend tell me a story:

A Chinese Family with more than 70 people was being safe because they drink warm water every 60 minutes. They live in Wohan, China. They are safe.

Reason: Coronavirus can enters to our body by dry throat.

How to Drink warm water and gargle.

No touch mouth

Reason: throat mucosa is route of infection.

No touch eyes

Reason: eyes mucosa is route of infection.

2 meters far

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 2 meters
2m can be biger than your high.

Just don’t forget

Wash the hand

Our finger need be clean

Kết quả hình ảnh cho wash hand step

Clean door knob

During 8h, corona virus can sit down door knob to waiting. Carefuly! We need clean it. ( elevator button also)

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tay nắm cửa
Clean it by alcohol or wine

We will win.

Believe cause we are smart, we do the right way.

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