In our minds is a great battle between inner forces. That could be the battle of conscious and subconscious to make decisions. Could you notice it happened?


As with animals, decision-making is always an undersurface of consciousness. It can also be said that animals don’t really make decisions to run away or hunt for food or sleep or fight enemies like we humans make decisions and choices in life. They just simply follow the lead of the subconscious.

Sometimes that guideline is good for evolution, sometimes it causes to bad things. Our subconscious contains fears as well as motivations for our actions such as love, fear, or inspiration.

Consciousness processes one of the most important things in life. It processes information logically so we can make decisions. But the subconscious doesn’t work that way, it helps us in the context of the situation.

Sometimes the consciousness and the subconscious go hand in hand on the same path, sometimes they do not. So we will sometimes get stuck in the war between the conscious and the subconscious.

The subconscious and the conscious can sometimes conflict
Sometimes 2 parts of our mind get in trouble

One part of our subconscious has a very wild instinct, but it also has other parts that are much wiser and more sensitive than consciousness. Sudden moments pop up in our minds around the very things we don’t know. The experience of breakthrough and creativity comes when we are not trying to use the neocortex. Through education, humans can actively make use of this subconscious.

Evidence-based thinking makes us believe only in visible evidence and possibility, to some extent, neglect the benefits of connecting our mind to the subconscious. They believe that increasing accumulation and stuffing of knowledge and a clear mind will make us work harder.

In fact, a lot of research and reality also show that this bias is often counterproductive. The human mind when confronted with knowledge that does not fit their values, beliefs, and authority that naturally causes them to shut receiving that information. Sometimes we just simply take a break from our current job to pause things, sometimes you might have an “epiphany” moment, and it’d make your day.


Dreams are created by a variety of memories in the subconscious

Regardless of you are awake or sleeping, the subconscious continues to record and store everything. Thanks to the stored memories, emotions and longing, subconsciously create dreams. It controls all of your body, your breathing, your organ’s internal functionalities, your every cell. And we make things up in subconscious minds with symbols, images.

It also explains why many dreams are often confusing, but what they have in common is that they connect with your life experiences and events. Thanks to it, we can reduce and resolve the conflicts or battles between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

Mind training through practicing in the subconsciousness

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