Do you ever realize that each of your daily actions or habits is formed based on the subconscious mind? The potential of the brain in general, and of the subconscious mind, in particular, is unlimited. In order to fully explore the capabilities of the subconscious, the first thing you need to understand is the mechanism of subconscious activities. However, many people are still confused when mentioning terms like conscience, unconscious, conscious and subconscious mind. This article will help you understand those terms better and clearly distinguish the role of each mind level.

What is consciousness?

The consciousness conditions your thinking when the mind is awake and smart. In a completely conscious state, your mind performs mainly 4 functions. First, explaining 5 senses including sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. Second, comparing information about new events with the same things that happened. Third, analyzing information to make decisions. For example, when crossing the road and seeing a car running to you, you have to decide to step back or go past it quickly? And fourth, making decisions.

Conscience versus consciousness

Although both of these concepts are related to the mind, they have basic different features that you can easily distinguish.

Conscience is your moral thinking. It helps you distinguish the right things from the wrong things. When you do a wrong thing, your conscience will speak out, because you are doing the opposite of moral values ​​inside you. In contrast, consciousness often relates more to receiving information, logical thinking, and comparing with available data.

Here is an example helps you understand the differences between these two concepts. Provided that a friend of you is asking for advice on a problem that makes him feel guilty. To understand his situation, you need to receive information from what he is telling you. That is the job of the conscious and subconscious mind. Then, when you have understood the case, your conscience will suggest some solutions, and clearly identify what is right and wrong with moral standards. Finally, again one task for the consciousness, you persuade your friend to follow the right solution with a conscience.

Conscious versus subconscious mind

In the above example of crossing the road, we mentioned the comparison between the current data analysis of consciousness and the past data to make the final decision. Then, where are the past experiences or data come from?

The subconscious plays the role of the storage for your memory and the things you have experienced. Your conscious information comes from the subconscious. The subconscious will tell you whether there is a danger if you cross the road at that particular time. Both the conscious and subconscious minds help you make decisions, but the role of the subconscious is often underestimated, while the truth is the opposite.

What is conscious and subconscious mind?
The picture depicts the conscious and subconscious mind

Our brain converts continuous information from the level of consciousness to the subconscious to store. The brain is capable of retrieving memories, experiences, and past lessons from the subconscious and sends them to consciousness in sudden situations later.

Subconscious versus unconscious

The subconscious and unconscious concepts are often confused and used in place of each other, while their nature is different. While the subconscious can be reached and used, the unconscious state is more difficult to access. This state does not help regain memories in the way that subconsciousness can do it. In an unconscious state, memories are not active and cannot recover.

Actions from subconsciousness are instincts. They automatically appear as a result of the process we provide information to the subconscious throughout years. In contrast, the unconscious state is not a place to store memories and create automatic reflexes. Instead, it is a place that contains feelings, desires, fears, and sensory stimuli. These things take place without awareness and recognition of consciousness.

To sum up, we can distinguish common concepts that are often confusing to use about the levels of mind and consciousness. If you want to take full advantage of the potential of the brain, the most amazing way is to explore the subconscious. Let our Reprogram Subconscious Mind app help you do it!

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