Study abroad scholarships are always very competitive. In addition to the documents that prove your qualifications, your scholarship profile always needs a great letter of motivation. 

Letter of motivation applied to the universities is different from those applied for scholarships.

There is a basic difference between writing a motivation letter for a college and writing a motivation letter for a scholarship. A motivational letter for college admissions will focus on why you are interested in studying at a certain university and taking a certain course. This category should include your professional goals before, during, and after the course. Meanwhile, the content and expression of the motivation letter for the scholarship will completely depend on the type of scholarship you are applying for.

You should know exactly what the purpose of your letter of motivation is.
You should know exactly what the purpose of your letter of motivation is.

Search carefully for the type of scholarship you want to write a correct letter of motivation.

Each scholarship has specific goals. Therefore, different scholarships to study abroad will involve different requirements. For example, an academic scholarship will need you to demonstrate an excellent “history” of academic achievement in your motivational letter. It is because the scholarship provider’s goal is to attract applications from excellent students.

Moreover, you need amotivational letter to highlight your professional experience, past impact as well as your career aspirations. It’s because their goal is to attract excellent professionals who will make an impact on a particular field.

Minority scholarships will want you to demonstrate how you meet ethnic requirements. In addition, it may need you to highlight some of the challenges that you want to tackle after you receive the scholarship.

Start with brainstorming.

Try to get a scholarship with you letter of motivation
Try to get a scholarship with you letter of motivation.

After understanding exactly who the scholarship is looking for, it’s time to evaluate yourself to see what features you have compared to other candidates. A simple exercise that can help you explore your competitiveness for a targeted scholarship is through a “brainstorming” session. Either with yourself or with a friend who knows about the itinerary, internship and expertise, brainstorming can be done through questions such as:

Which course have you signed up for?

How does this course relate to your long-term planning?

How does the course relate to scholarship goals?
What makes you special?
What have you achieved so far? (It could be academic or professional based on scholarship)
What impact have you made so far?
What are your short-term and long-term plans after receiving the scholarship?

How will a scholarship help you realize these plans?
What impact will this scholarship have on you and on society?

Write the letter of motivation as accurately as possible.

Letter of motivation for scholarship will almost always have a length limit. Hence, it is important that you get straight to the point. One of the reasons why motivational letters are not convincing is because candidates write incorrectly and loop around. It is best to make sure you are only showing information relevant to the requirements listed for the scholarship. This process requires you to be both honest and skillful.

Letter of motivation should be as accurate as possible.

Write your letter of motivation many times.

It is important that writing is done cyclically. You should be ready to compose the first copy of your motivational letter and read it. Ask yourself, whether you would be convinced to grant yourself a scholarship or whether you read what you wrote. If not, correct or rewrite until you feel that what you write is the best and cannot be changed. Then ask your friends, colleagues or teachers to read their letters and ask for their opinions. You might be surprised when they give a different rating on your motivation letter. At this point, you will have more useful information that you may have overlooked earlier.

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