Subconscious mind is the behaviors that are repeated every day, and it makes up a person’s characteristic.

How do the subconscious mind and behavior affect a child’s psychological development?

If a child repeat the positive behaviors every day, he will be successful in the future. And if the child just nag and demand, these things will create their bad character later.

And every day, children are free to do what they think. Gradually, they will create many new things and become confident in all their behaviors and thoughts. When growing up, children will be independent in thinking and acting. They will not depend on anyone. Parents should teach their children many moral lessons as well as the social rules, so that their ideas and actions follow the principles that the society allows.

Good behaviors make a good child have strong subconscious mind
Good behaviors make a good child.

If parents mentor and controll all the behaviours of the kids, they will gradually lose their ability of thinking, judging, and directing their own path.

For example, if you say to your child: “Do not touch the knife, it will cut your hand”, that’s your old experience. You cut your hand once so you are more careful when you touch the knife. But your child doesn’t subconsciously have that information. So with what you say, he doesn’t understand and keeps doing it even you are screaming.

A nagging and demanding child.

How should parents help their children develop their subconscious mind and behavior in a positive direction?

Childrearing with subconscious mind
Lower your age to your child’s age to understand him or her.
  1. Let your child do what he or she can do. Washing dishes, cooking, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, helping people….
  2. Accept the mistakes that your children make. Let them take responsibility for what they do.
  3. Lower your age to your child’s age to understand him or her.
  4. Put your child in a difficut situation as much as possible. Only when living with difficulties can life be easy.
  5. Do not respond easily to your child’s needs. Because life is not easy, everything has its price.
  6. Be friends with children. Talk to your child to know what they are thinking.
  7. Consider your child as an independent individual. Children have their own personal preference and thoughts, so do not impose your own preference and thoughts on them.
  8. Respect your child’s comments. Let them see that they have a position in the family. Form the belief that they are useful people for the family.
  9. Make eye contact every time you talk. Show respect for the relationship between your child and yourself.
  10. Every day use 30 seconds to hug and say: “I love you”. Skin-to-skin contact with your baby for a strong bond of love.

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