Overall, music has many benefits for listeners, it has countless genres that suit each person’s mood and personality. Listening to music is also a kind of subconscious mind exercise. However, to improve concentration, maximize productivity and get good sleep, there is only one type of music that can be useful. It’s binaural beats, the music that makes use of suitable frequencies for brain waves.

This article will help you understand the definition of binaural beats, how they work, and how you can leverage this type of music to improve your productivity and work more effectively.

What is the binaural beat?

Every sound carries a frequency. If you listen to music with different frequencies in each ear, your brain balances them and produces the third frequency of the binaural beat. Thus, to generate the desired frequencies for the brain to function effectively, people play the music with a different frequency for each ear.

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How does binaural beat work?

Your brain has a certain frequency in a particular emotional state. In other words, every emotion such as happiness, anxiety, fear, excitement, or sleepiness has its own frequency.

There are 5 main types of frequencies for brain waves, including Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Each type of frequency is suited to its own emotional state. For example, when you get excited, your brain produces Alpha waves. When you are in deep sleep, your brain generates Delta waves. With the binaural beat changing the brainwave frequency, it can induce the type of emotional state desired for work efficiency increase and greater success.

Common uses of binaural beat

Helps you sleep better. If you are having trouble falling asleep, practice this subconscious mind exercise by listening to binaural beats before bed, until you fall asleep. For a night of deep sleep, keep your brain on Delta frequency. According to research, people who listen to binaural beats at a frequency of 2-8 Hz for about 2 months will sleep better and wake up in a better emotional state.

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Helps you relax. The right frequency that helps the brain to relax is Theta. Binaural beat enhances comfort, reduces stress during rest, and relaxes through the impact on the sympathetic nervous system.

Helps increase concentration. While working, you can listen to some songs using the binaural beat. The frequency of 18Hz will be very effective in helping you fight back fatigue and has the same effect as caffeine.

Helps you meditate more effectively. Many people cannot meditate because it is easily distracted by sounds, external influences. Binaural beat helps you meditate more effectively. To be in a state of stillness, a part of the brain must get the absolute calmness. When listening to the binaural beat, the cortex receives the appropriate signal to fall into the state.

Effective binaural beat listening method

First, you should always use headphones when listening to this type of sound. Binaural beats are created by the frequency difference of the sounds entering the ears. Therefore, you should wear headphones.

Second, depending on the purpose you need to choose the right binaural beat. For example, choose Alpha frequency for better focus, Delta frequency to improve sleep quality.

Third, you need time to change. Brainwave frequencies generated from binaural beats are not effective immediately. It takes time to build a routine and make a plan. After about 6 weeks to 2 months, you can see a noticeable change.

This is an effective subconscious mind exercise that has been proven by science. You can experience it by searching for binaural beat songs and feel the difference. You can also use our app RESUMIND to harness your subconscious power.

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