Such a stressful environment in the developing world makes it hard than ever for a person to keep positive and increase their lifespan, which can be measured through changes in humans DNA. In fact, there are no such things as the mind and the body as separate units. Our bodies aren’t shells or housing for our minds either. We already know that our brain can affect our health in many ways, but now scientists believe that our thoughts or subconscious mind can change our DNA. 

Is there a way to change the DNA?
Is there a way to change the DNA?

Subconscious mind control can change DNA

You are speaking to your genes with every thought you have. Your biology doesn’t spell your destiny, and you aren’t controlled by your genetic makeup. Instead, your genetic activity is largely determined by your thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions.

The fast-growing field of epigenetics is showing that who you are is the product of the things that happen to you in your life, which change the way your genes operate. Only about 5% of gene mutations are thought to be the direct cause of health issues. That leaves 95% of genes linked to disorders acting as an influencer, which can be influenced one way or another, depending on life factors. Of course, many of these are beyond your control. The last two factors are directly dependent on your thoughts.

Telomeres are responsible for every cellular mechanism. We can live longer and slow down the aging process by doing 2 things. One is slowing down the loss of telomeres, two is adding length to the telomeres. You have a choice in determining what input your genes receive. The more positive the input, the more positive the output of your genes.

DNA sequence determinants

We can improve our emotions and mood by improving our thoughts and that will in turn help affect our DNA telomeres to stay as long as possible. Avoiding stress and anxiety is important for healthy DNA.

Women who had more stress had shorter life spans as measured by their DNA. Awareness is important to changing thought patterns. Identifying when you are saying negative things about yourself or others is the first step. Changing your thoughts could be the healthiest thing you’ve done for tour DNA lately.

Use your subconscious thoughts to add more years to your life

People enrolled in mindfulness training maintain telomere length compared to control groups whose telomere length shrank. Meditation and mindfulness put you in contact with the source of the mind-body system, giving your thoughts direct access to the beneficial genetic activity which also affects how well your cells function, via the genetic activity inside the cells.

One is the increase of an enzyme called telomerase. Telomerase directs the addition of DNA to the ends of the chromosomes, and mindfulness and meditation increase telomerase.

The other mechanism is via the reduction of cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that (among many other things) increases inflammation.

An entire book can be written on the damaging effects of inflammation, but for here I’ll say that inflammation is at the root of chronic disease and pain.

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Meditating to change DNA

Though optimistic that meditative and social approaches are mental means toward better physical and not just psychologic well-being.

Meditation is good for you. The chorus of voices extolling the virtues of mindfulness is never-ending: It decreases stress. It helps you focus. It can even rewire your mental circuitry. But it’s not just your synapses that see the benefits: As it turns out, meditating can physically change your DNA.

People who meditate have higher antibody titers against the virus. They have less anxiety, a greater attention span, and reduced age-related memory loss. Meditation improves sleep, reduces cravings, reduces blood pressure, and helps control pain.

Meditation can be easy. Whatever stereotypes you have about meditation, you can release them. Start with short and simple meditation sessions. Even a couple of minutes a few times a day has a positive impact.

To discover more on the subconscious and its advantage for our life, read my other article here.

You all deserve genuine and lifelong happiness. Each day, try to live your best day and remember that you do have the power at this moment and going forward to choose your perspective and behavior, which will change your brain, cells, and genes. It’s totally possible. If you find it hard, let our app “REPROGRAM SUBCONSCIOUS MIND” help you!


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