Science proves that the subliminal message impacts on mind power are huge. It is no longer a mystery that is difficult to explain. No matter how much we want to control our behavior and thoughts, we will still suffer from external influences that we cannot perceive ourselves.

How do subliminal messages work?

Two recent studies of mind power about subliminal messages have found that messages being sent through the visual path can improve athletic qualities. Besides, they also reduce negative stereotypes about physical abilities when we age. According to the latest research, subliminal messages also help to enhance your inner strength and increase the confidence in individuals.

Subliminal messages are absorbed in our minds through external stimuli

The subliminal’s visual stimulation can be absorbed into your subconscious just in a matter of milliseconds. It is too short for the brain to analyze before those stimuli arrive. Subliminal visual stimuli come in the form of symbols, words, or images that your consciousness cannot identify. The effectiveness of these stimuli can be positive or negative depending on the content of your message.

Types of subliminal messages

In general, there are three types of subliminal messages affecting mind power as follows.

First, subvisual messages are visual cues that flash very quickly in the brain, only a few milliseconds that people are not aware of.

Second, subaudible messages are low volume audio signals inserted into a higher volume sound source. You can receive this signal by listening to music.

Third, backmasking is reverse-recorded audio messages. People play it downwards to disguise the sent message.

There are generally 3 types of subliminal messages

Realistic examples of subliminal messages

Many people claim that they find subliminal messages impacts on mind power through advertising, movies, and music. However, most of the evidence that they mention seems like just coincidences. Many cases show that it is confusing to distinguish subliminal with the supraliminal stimuli disguised in visual messages.

An example of the use of subliminal stimuli in music is the Judas Priest band. In a song released in 1990, the band used the line “do it”. The lyrics seemed simple but contained underlying messages. That leads to two young men committing suicide later. Of course, this band could not be charged by the judge because there is no evidence.

Impact of subliminal messages

Subliminal messages only affect those who already have a need to perform the act. For example, subliminal message effects on mind power about thirst will only work for those who are thirsty. For those who are not thirsty, these messages make no difference.

Subliminal messages can affect our thoughts and behaviors

As such, the subliminal messages cannot control your behavior. They only motivate you to make a decision. Many believe pre-recorded sounds can help people lose weight, stop smoking, boost memory, and so on. However, researchers argue that the subliminal messages in the treatment work, but only mentally. In fact, their effects were limited to a placebo effect.

Thus, despite a lot of doubts, subliminal messages are actually having some effects on humans. Creating subliminal stimuli in the brain will interfere with our thoughts and behaviors. However, it is not being able to force us to do something we don’t want.

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