Build relationships is a job, an indispensable process in the development of your career. Whatever ladder you are on build relationships makes it easier for you to succeed. Therefore, please refer to some following skills to build relationships – how to communicate well like a movie star:

1. Build relationships – How to communicate well: Dare to talk, communicate with strangers.

Build relationships: communicate with strangers.
Dare to talk, communicate with strangers.

I can be sure that a fair number here when communicating with strange timid, unfamiliar, dare not express true feelings. What you should know is that your partner may be just like you. They also want to express themselves, talk, and communicate most comfortably. Therefore, you should confidently express your true feelings, express who you are. Please dare to overcome the barrier between the two people to lead to a good relationship!

2. Build relationships – How to communicate well: Silence is “killing” the conversation.

Someone said that silence is golden. However, I don’t think that’s right, silence is “killing” the conversation. You should remember that: when communicating, do not keep silent for too long but don’t also say too much, which the other party will consider you are an impolite person. Therefore, you can chat with them about their lives and works. If the conversation has a quiet atmosphere, you can refer to some questions that break the silence such as asking about work topics, social topics, which creates the best mentality every time you communicate.

3. Some gestures and sentences while communicating:

Build relationships with Gestures are respected.
Gestures are respected.

You should practice communication such as greet three or four people in the parking, ask some funny questions, or try to remember the names of some characters, etc. Besides, you should practice self-introduction in funny, interesting words to break the silence and deadlock in your communication. If you can do those, the other person will ready to chat with you more.

Let’s use positive gestures in the conversation and move people forward. You should not avoid the other parties because it will cause frustration and depression for them while you are talking to them. You must not point your hand at the other person because it will make them feel disrespectful. Also, please smile and show interest in the stories the other person tells you during the conversation.

4. You must avoid stories that cause other people discomfort.

Những điều không nên nói.
Something should not talk.

You should avoid questions such as bonus and salary issues, personal misfortune stories, and especially don’t talk with suspicions. Let’s think and evaluate the other person’s feelings. You need to know when to joke and when not. What will the other person’s nicknames, if you speak up, make them feel? You should avoid these questions if you want to prolong the conversation!

The above are some skills to build relationships – how to communicate well like a movie star. Good luck! Please like and share the article if you feel good! Sincerely thank!

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