In some circumstances, you will need to boost your motivation right away. Maybe you’re preparing for an interview, or at the entrance of singing contest. What will you do?

Science has dicovered some quick ways to get you more focus and motivated on what you do. So you can work smarter, not harder.

Some tips just take a second to do. Others require you’re more focus. All of them are derrived from the recent scientific studies. Here is some tips to boost up your motivation.

Take a strong pose, high-power pose to motivate yourself

Body language might talk about more than what you can imagine. It’s not only affect on what people think of you, but also your internal chemistry. If you pay attention, you will realize that non-verbal communication is as important as verbal communication. One of that way is communication by the pose gesture.

Stand up and raise your voice. That’s mean chest out, arms spread and wide open. There are many researchs show that holding that pose for 1 or 2 minutes can increase your testosterone levels. Therefore, it associated with your confidence and decrease cortisol levels which engaged with stress.

Take a strong pose to motivate yourself
Take a strong pose to motivate yourself

Break into pieces and keep the commitment

Yes! If you look at the whole process of workload, you may come up with boredoom and less motivated to do. Hence, you can break it all to smaller pieces you can see what you should start first. Just make it easy, take a baby step to move forward, you may perceive a bold achievement after. Along with the baby step, small award pushes the motivation up slowly, that’s a positive signal that drag the bandwagon to the target.

In addition, there is a tip that making a strong commitment – if you do wrong, donate for it. Some platforms for informal contracts that help achieve goals and form new routine. Put down a smart goal, on say saving money or starting a business, then ask a friend to monitor that you’ll get it done.

Break tasks into pieces for easy completive

Put up some money, maybe $10, and if you succeed, you get your money back; if you fail, then your friend donates $10 to a charity of your choice.

Some device like StickK is an example of a commitment device, and it’s a remarkable mechanism for getting things done. Or a loose determination to make an abstract goal in the future, you have a concrete task to work towards on a specific date, and you lose more than your pride if you fail.

Fill your eyes with green – easy way to boost motivation

Did you ever wonder that why so many danger signals are in red color? The particular color make us think of a specific things. People tend to associate with the color red as a danger sign, and that’s attract attention.

So what color can boost your motivation?

Yes, it’s green. The green filter made the cyclists happier and less tired. Simply seeing lots of green made them more motivated.

Green can relex your subconscious mind and bring motivation
Green can relex your subconscious mind and bring motivation

Scientic hypothesized that watching green makes people think of growth. It’s taken as a cue that we can improve task mastery and that we have room in mind.

How can you get more green in your life? Just go outside! Take a walk in a garden, or anywhere with shrubs and greenery. Is there a local park that people around you like to have lunch at? Are there lots of trees that you can walk around? Are there at least a few patches of grass by your workplace?


App resumind creat daily motivation
App resumind creat daily motivation

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