As a guy born in 2004, I never let myself get bored. It is a simple thing that I always have ways to love myself more and dispel all the fatigue. Today, I would like to share with you some ways I often do when I relieve boredom. I guarantee you will not feel bored anymore. You will find your life extremely interesting and rewarding.

1. Boredom: Best solutions to relieve boredom-Take care of yourself.

Best solutions to relieve boredom-Take care of yourself
Take care of your body

When you feel tired and bored, it means that your body is tired and needs care. Let’s spend your free time taking care of yourself. This not only helps you make yourself feel more in love with life and relieve boredom but also makes yourself to be comfortable. While you do a concert in the bathroom, let’s turn on the hot tub bath water and let the water gently caress you. Besides, you should choose the shower gel you like and feel its fragrance on your skin. You will feel more comfortable when you gently massage your skin.

That’s great! Let’s beautify. Take time to incubate hair, peel off mask, condition skin, cut nails, and excess dead skin. Then look in the mirror and smile as you’ve just been “purified” and beautiful sparkling!

2. Boredom: Best solutions to relieve boredom- Immersed in nature

solutions to relieve boredom- Immersed in nature
solutions to relieve boredom- Immersed in nature

You can immerse yourself in nature and plants, which creates a new and exciting feeling. Let’s go far like going to the beach, or climbing a mountain, which will make you more comfortable.

3. Boredom: Best solutions to relieve boredom-When you are bored, you can read interesting books.

Read book to relax

A good story is an ideal medicine to get your attention away from your troubles. You can borrow books from friends or in the library. Don’t judge a book by its cover!

4. Do exercise or active physically

Toán chuyển động
Do exercise
  • Doing exercise increases your heart rate and serotonin (the hormone that makes you feel good). Therefore, you will definitely feel better.
  • When you feel bored, lack energy, get active. It is the dragging feeling when you run around the yard while you do not want to do something, which is not the best. I totally agree. However, the feeling after running is also one of the “already” feelings! It will dispel your boredom.
  • If you don’t like running, then go for a walk. Besides, you can open YouTube and type “10 minutes exercise”, you will see lots of short exercises. Or another dance in place. Believe me! The feeling after sweating will really relieve your boredom better.

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5. Try meditating

solutions to relieve boredom- Mediate

In other words, if you don’t want to do anything, don’t do anything. Please sit still. Do nothing. Relax the body. Don’t think. Just feel yourself, every breath, each muscle. Every feeling comes from your senses.

If you like adding a little “spice”, let’s open a piece of music without lyrics. Then you let close your eyes and feel the melody of each instrument in it or count your breath lightly.

Also, if you do not like “close your eyes and do not”, try to keep your mind calm. When you calm down-your emotions are stable and neutral, you can decide what to do today.

6. Renew your environment living

  • The simplest way is to go somewhere you have not yet come. You do not need to be too far away, just a coffee shop you see so much on Facebook but have not visited. Either a newly opened bookstore or go to the park for a walk to get some air.
  • If you don’t go out, then renew your familiar space, let’s clean up the room, study and work the corner and throw away unnecessary things that I keep for no reason. Then put the item back in its correct position. Besides, let’s remove stuffed animals and any clothes that you no longer wear. Please place a small tree pot in the corner of the room. Refreshing the environment is also refreshing my soul!
  • Do not forget that in modern life, you still have an environment in which you spend a lot of time, which is your digital life. Please clean up apps you don’t use on your phone and delete any photos you don’t use. Besides, you should put the old emails in the trash. Also, you can innovate for laptops. Delete files that are no longer in use. Then let’s rearrange folders and backup anything on your laptop. If you like, you can clean up your hard drive, bookmarks, watch later, reading list, and so on.
  • You do not need to pressure yourself to clean. Let’s get a folder out and clean up some files in it to relieve boredom is okay. And if you’re interested, just keep going!

7. Let’s relax, rest, eat or chat with friends

  • Sometimes just a nap can make you feel better. When you have trouble, it will be difficult to get enough sleep. Therefore, you should try to hug your pillow and start sleeping.
  • It is a wonderful thing that you can be with someone who loves and cares about you. You let share your problem with these people, but be sure to include other topics as well.
  • You don’t have to be in silence all the time. Please talk to family and relatives it will help you feel more comfortable.
  • Talk to people who are experienced and go through life or call a counseling service where trained counselors are available 24 hours a day.
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8. Please install and use APP RESUMIND

  • Boredom can also be caused by stress or tiredness. APP RESUMIND will help you dispel everything.
  • With APP RESUMIND, you can set the times and positive cheerful messages, compliments, jokes, or songs that you want to hear. As soon as the alarm rings, after you touch the screen, the preset messages will sound to cheer users up. Besides, using text-to-speech technology with many languages helps you learn foreign languages better.
  • RESUMIND is a tool to help you always have positive thoughts so that you will not be mentally tired before difficulties. The best solution to relieve boredom with the RESUMIND app is to add positive, cheerful messages that emit as soon as you start to open your eyes. This is the gold time that decides 70 percent of the working state for your body in a whole day. As soon as you wake up, RESUMIND will engrave the love messages in your brain. You will only have a state of love and direction to a beautiful future.

Thank everyone for listening to my sharing!

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