Nowadays, so many people could be in a state of eating with the game, sleeping with the game, living, and doing everything for the game. I’ve seen my best friend went through the process of game addiction and broken the game addiction. Therefore, with this article, I want to share with everyone in today’s society ” how to break the game addiction ” to warn about the state of online or offline game addiction.

In the present era, the development of technology has created not only a lot of entertainment games but also many addictive games. This has both positive and negative effects on life.

Over the past time, there are many articles about the harmful effects of playing online games too much, but many people do not notice these. Young people still see them as a form of entertainment. Besides, the family still carelessly ignore all warnings about the state of the game addiction of today’s young people.

What is game addiction? What are the signs that you addicted to the game?

Although there is not a clear definition, it can be understood that game addiction is poring and spending too much time playing games (game on the computer or phone).

Game addicts often spend most of their time concentrating on getting to the high top in the game but leaving friends and neglecting to study.

Currently, game addiction has many levels.

Game addiction is classified as a psychological disorder with the manifestations (depending on severity):

Frequency, time and location of playing games.

People who are too addicted to the game will play games all the time and all the location. They value games more than anything else. At the highest level: They can skip meals and their body’s needs to play games on the computer.

Regardless of the consequences, games are always the most important thing to them.

Young people who addict to the game do not care about their academic achievement, study, family, and career.

Game addicts always mentioned the game all the time, all the location.

The central concern of game addicts is the characters in the game. They imagine that they have the same power as the characters in the game.

Spend too much money on gaming

Game addicts spend so much money topping up the game. Besides, they also spend much money buying electronic tools that support playing the game ( smartphone, computer,…).

Think of many reasons to play the game

Game addicts who spend so much time playing the game always think of a thousand reasons to neglect everything. They don’t care about anything like their family, work, career, or close friends except for games. …

Who might be addicted to the game?

Infants (or the elderly) cannot addict to games.

In my opinion, somebody who can see or control maybe addict to the game. Today, a lot of ages can also play video games. There are so many types of games for ages 10 to 40. Besides, there is eighty percent of children aged ten to fifteen enjoy playing online games, and fifty percent of them top up the game. It’s worth mention that the number of game addicts is increasing day by day, every hour.

The process of the game addiction of a child

Students have a lot of free time in the summer, which they play games very much. Because children are the easiest to be affected by the game, parents need to care and talk to them more. Do not let when your children are addicted to the game too much, you will know.

Firstly, your children can play alone through invitations from ads. Next, they will play with their friends and participate in video game competitions. Finally, they will be haunted by the power of the characters in the game. Adults play games have many reasons such as pressures of work, life, stress, psychology, self-identity, recognition, and leadership,…because video games satisfy many human’s needs. When they fulfill all of their needs, psychological comfort will make them forget a lot of things in life and slowly immerse themselves in the game.

The reasons why the number of game addicts is soaring

Subjective reasons

The pressure of life is one of the reasons that cause game addiction. When there is too much pressure, people will find ways to relax. Besides, because there is no time for sports, time out with family, they will look at online games that help them find the feeling such as the feeling of being honored, to relieve the oppression or the feeling of being a superhero with supernatural powers.

Today, developers design many video games with a lot of beautiful graphics that attract people to play. Due to lack of knowledge, game addicts spend too much spare time playing games creating a habit for themselves. They do not know that playing games for more than 180 minutes a day causes nervous stress and affects evil vision and hearing.

Besides, the lack of mutual attention in the family also causes game addiction. Sometimes players just want to find the feeling of being cared for or feeling like an important person in the team. Currently, children are less concerned by their families due to the pressure of economic, work from their parents, or the pressure to study for exams.

Objective reasons

For-profit, many developers always create new game models. The more addictive the game, the higher the profits.

Game development is one of the most profitable fields. Nowadays, more and more games launched in the market. The competition in producing games is enormous. Producers need to satisfy the needs of players with many forms such as beautiful graphics, many characters to play, innovative appearance, and gameplay. In those video games, many games are addictive or require players to recharge to be able to enjoy certain incentives such as gifting some new characters, gifting packages, products…

Playing game also has some benefits

Playing games is a popular form of finding friends today. Players can make friends on gaming to relieve tension. They fight together, form a team to play together. Besides, playing games in a short time also helps to mend lasting friendships or relieve stress after studying and working sessions.

7 addictive games in 2019

League of Legends

Arena of valor

Garena Free Fire
Lords Mobile

Now we find out where and on which device game addicts play

Game addicts often go to the net shop which has the equipment, strong transmission line. The gaming process is not interrupted, giving them a good feeling. Playing games on the net shop is often less annoying than playing at home. When playing online games by computer, the game transmission speed is more stable, with no lag.

8 biggest places at Ha Noi to play the game ( source : Internet)

8 biggest places at Ha Noi to play the game ( source : Internet)

Bach Khoa Game Street
Gaming House
Imba eSports Center
Vikings FPS Stadium
Platinum Gaming Center
Cybox Game Center
Regis Gaming Center

How did my friend break the game addiction?

It is the most important section that I’m want to share. My friend became more fully aware of his own life. If you want game addicts who break the game addiction to be effective, you have to let them know during the game addiction, they have missed out on something in life.

The family factor is extremely important

It takes some time to talk between members of the family with game addicts to build determination and effort for game addicts. To do that requires solid knowledge, understanding, and good relationships with game addicts.

It is the best thing that family members like a parent need to maintain a pleasant and amiable attitude. Don’t use anger that will provoke resistance in video game addicts. Start with small stories in life to build dreams, positive optimism for game addicts and stop talking about the game. After that, let’s talk about their friends and school problems, suggest for them go out. You try to let your children interact with their friends more.

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Real story

My friend was once beaten by his father while he was playing a video game in the net shop. Then his rebellious mentality stimulates to the highest level. He is no longer thinking about studying. In his mind just had the illusion of the power of game characters. He immersed himself in it to escape the real world. He totally didn’t listen to what his dad said, just did what he wanted.

Don’t let time die

The next thing to do during game addiction is to avoid giving yourself plenty of time. A game addict has the ability to want to play all the time. Therefore, let’s create a lot of work to do so as not to spend your free time. Look for small chores to do in your spare time or find mini-games that can be played with lots of people. You should organize an outing to chat with your friends. It is also possible to spend your free time in a sports game to have fun in pursuit of a sense of conquest (eg climbing, chasing your limits like cycling, swimming…).

For kids addicted to games, You should look for mini-games to keep them away from the computer or leave the computer in obvious places so that they know what people will see them doing.

Let’s find a few activities that attract children to form new habits, sometimes game addiction is just caused by habits and thoughts of not knowing what to do to waste time.

Using tools to help you change habits App: RESUMIND

Finally, I want to introduce to everyone a tool that helps us to change our subconscious mind and form new habits, App that installs the subconscious: RESUMIND.

Applied Text To Speech technology, which will convert word messages through voice to help you change your subconscious mind then lead to change the actions, install good messages that encourage game addicts to connect with the community.

Thank everyone for listening to my sharing, the above are measures that help us break the game addiction that my friends have used and succeeded in. Hopefully, it will help a lot of young people in Vietnam overcome game addiction.

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