I am a person who loves to go on a trip, giving me a very indescribable feeling – refreshing light, it gives me a lot of meaningful lessons that I never learned in school. Therefore, today, I will share with you the things that I have learned, experienced backpacking.

1. What is backpacking?

What is backpacking?
What is backpacking?

Backpacking is a hot word for go on a trip. Actually, there is no concept or definition of the word backpacking. However, you can understand, backpacking is a form of backpacking tourism.

• Backpacking, also known as backpacking, is that you choose your own vehicle, be it a motorbike or maybe a bicycle, even have professional riders with your own feet. However, the most popular is still motorcycles!

• Because of the vehicles you choose, you drive, it is up to you where to go. There is no need to schedule specific, just go and come and stop. Come to beautiful scenes, stop to enjoy, take pictures, have fun, etc. Then the backpacks only bring a few sets of personal belongings, do not need to be too much, bring a little money and then get on the bus to the place you like. The place to sleep and eat does not need to be luxurious or complete. Maybe you like to eat at restaurants, stay at five-star hotels. You might like to eat a popular restaurant or a bowl of rice in a temple, stay in a motel room or an acquaintance’s house or ask for sleep from a people’s house.

• It is up to you, for those who travel to backpacking, the most important thing is that they reach new lands, now the cultural customs and habits of the people there, see the beauty of nature.

2. Who are the people who like to go the best?

They can be entrepreneurs, architects, journalists or manual workers, students, and cannot exclude people with disabilities who love life. However, in short, they all have an indelible passion that is passion for backpacking and roads. They are people who never sit around. They always want to go places to explore new lands and new cultures.

3. What are the benefits of backpacking?

Lợi ích của đi phượt .
What are the benefits of backpacking?

First, life joy!

There are people with disabilities who live without being able to travel smoothly. There are some people with no legs but they still ride to get to where they like, to meet the people they are looking for because this life is so meaningful to them. What about us, let’s go and live happily. Never get frustrated or give up difficulties in life!

Second, the collision and the experience!

There are situations you have never met, such as a car crashing while driving, meeting someone in an accident, helping the poor with charity trips, etc.

Third, love the motherland!

You will love more than what this S-shaped country has. There are many things out there that you don’t know yet. Stand up and go to the place you’ve always wanted to know how beautiful your home country is!

There is so much more you can take out of your way on a trip! Please experience that what I am saying here is not wrong! Since life is about travel, please pack up and go!

Besides, do not forget to equip yourself with items to protect yourself.

4. When should we go backpacking tourism?

At any time, we can go backpacking tourism as long as we feel like it.

5. Where should we go backpacking tourism?

Backpacking is a form of tourism so as long as you feel like going anywhere you can go.

6. Things to note when backpacking

lưu ý khi  đi phượt
Things to note when backpacking

A. Motorbike maintenance before going

You will have to move through many zigzag mountain passes, rocky mountain paths, and many bumpy potholes. The main means of transportation is the motorbike. Therefore, maintenance of the vehicle is first and essential. You should bring a few essential items such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, etc.

B. Fill the petrol tank

In addition to bad roads, the few gas stations along the way are also a problem to note. Running out of gas along the way is something no one wants. You should refill the tank at each gas station, avoid falling into a “dilemma” when you have to walk the car along the road.

C. Only bring essential items

If you think that backpacking is like normal travel, pack with a suitcase of clothes and shoes, think again. Backpacking is a backpacker experience. You should only bring essential personal items, and fasten them to your motorcycle for safety while driving, to avoid loss.

D. Learn local culture

Ha Giang is a mountainous province with many ethnic minorities. Each ethnic group has its own cultural customs. Enter into the custom, and we are strangers nonetheless. Please learn about the culture of the ethnic minorities of the locality that you come to before you go. Apart to enrich your cultural capital partly to avoid causing bad, impolite things when you go there.

E. Note about the weather

In the mountains has the weather is quite erratic. Many days the temperature drops, the fog is thick. After each rain, landslides easily occur. Driving on a steep mountain pass, in dense fog or heavy rain is more difficult than you might imagine if you haven’t hiked a lot. Therefore, for the safety of yourself and your traveling companions, check the weather before each trip. In the case of heavy rain or heavy fog, remember to always move slowly.

F. Do not go in large groups

This is absolute must be avoided. The crowd makes it difficult to manage the moving lineup when moving. Ensuring safety on a mountain road with many steep passes is much more difficult. In addition, a large group of people is also more likely to disagree, causing internal disunity, leading to dangerous shocking actions.

G. Choose a reliable leader

A fleet of safe motorbikes is usually limited to 4-6 vehicles. The leader must be experienced, familiar with the road, and capable of leadership, capable of handling good situations. Whether the team has a safe and fun journey or not depends quite a lot on the way of the lead. Therefore, before you go, let’s find out about the leader. If the person is inexperienced and has a reputation in the community, you need to consider whether or not to join the trip.

H. Do not drive at night

Everywhere, driving at night is very dangerous. In mountain passes, it is much more dangerous because there are many large trucks, very small curves. These vehicles usually have bright headlights.

I. Do not go more than 200 kilometers per day

Most young people in Hanoi often choose to go on Thursday and then back to Sunday so that Monday morning to go to work. To be able to secure that journey, you often drive all day long, which not only causes muscle fatigue, eye fatigue but also mental and health fatigue, affecting safety in traffic. Therefore, you need to review your team’s itinerary and do not join trips exceeding 200 km in a day.

K. Watch out for deception

A story that many adventurers tell each other is that friend T.A (Hanoi) went to Ha Giang with a group in 2013. The car was punctured. After driving the car for a long-distance, T.A was lucky to meet two young men. They claim to be a mobile motorbike repair, help motorbike repair.

After that, T.A continued to move but had not yet reached Ha Giang, then the police asked to stop the car to search. He felt very shocked to discover under his car was a pack of white powder. The other two young people have repeatedly taken advantage of the cars of inexperienced young people to transport drugs.

After 3 months in custody to investigate drug trafficking charges, T.A also proved innocent but lost her job. T.A has a profound lesson after this.

In addition to robbery along the road, you should also be alert to the tricks along the way to avoid unfortunate situations.

Whatever way you travel, you should pay attention to your own safety.

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The above are some of my insights when backpacking. Good luck! Remember to like and share this article for many people to know! Thank you!

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