Insomnia is a disease that is very successfully cured with hypnosis. It is an easy way to treat the common types of sleep problems (difficulty falling asleep).

sleepless night and early death

What is the principle applied in Hypnosis?

Imagine that the patient has first learned from the therapist. Determination: when applied by a certain stimulus, the patient is immediately put into a state of hypnosis. The hypnosis stimulus can be the turning on the music sound before going to bed. Music allows the mind to relax and get closer to sleep through an imaging process. Many patients can sleep better from the first day using this method. In the following days and weeks, it will unconsciously forms a new, healthy sleep format. And we usually achieve it after a single treatment period.

In the case of restless sleep (like waking up in the middle of sleep) or those who wake up too early, the patient can give himself or herself a hint of good sleep.

Why is Hypnosis so effective in treating insomina?

* The Hypnosis state is very similar to the near-sleep state. Then the nervous system is not in a state of working tension. On the contrary, it’s even very close to the threshold of falling asleep. And then naturally, one can fall asleep faster. Their sleep is also deeper and quieter.

* In addition to that is the ability to create allusions of hypnosis. It helps people fall asleep easier, sleep the whole night, wake up healthily and feel free from fatigue. When we re-establish the natural sleep after a long period of time, we unconsciously format a new and healthy sleep format. And then, the sick person does not need to use the implication anymore.

* Disturbing thoughts (concerns), negative feelings (fear, anger, etc.) and physical discomfort (stress/exertion, restless legs …usually cause insomnia. Thanks to hypnosis, one can also detect and address the causes of insomnia (hypnosis analysis).

Application of hypnosis in the treatment of insomnia
Application of hypnosis in the treatment of insomnia

Hypnosis is especially effective in treating the isomina.

People have known for decades the spontaneous training (a very common form of mild hypnosis). However, learning the self-training is very boring and requires high discipline. Thanks to hypnosis or self-hypnosis, we can achieve the desired results quickly. The advanced level of hypnosis is hypnosis analysis (which is very rarely used in practice) . It can be used for patients with insomnia, or other health problems, to find and treat the original cause of the problem. Therefore, these implications are especially effective, since the inner (unconscious) no longer has to deal with the problem. After only a short treatment period, patients can establish a more stable and healthy sleep.

In case of unsuccessful treatment, the patient often  has other problems which are more difficult to deal with. They harass and prevent them from resting. The therapy from 2 to 5 sessions will work very effectively, so the patient can sleep peacefully.

isomina is much more terrible than the nightmare

Finally, we have one more example to demonstrate this principle. In 1999, when Mr.Bertrand Picard-a Swiss doctor succeeded in nonstop travelling around the world with his hot air balloon, he suffered from severe insomnia. And do you know how he successfully treated his  insomnia in such a situation (loneliness, coldness, constant fear and that the oxygen can run out of at any moment, etc.)? The answer is: hypnosis via radio signals


For those who want to do something good for their health, self-hypnosis is an effective therapy. Thanks to it, people can not only overcome illness and complex problems, but also achieve positive changes in other aspects of life. If you are one of those people, perhaps hypnosis will be one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Because of the fact that it’s one of the most effective self-healing methods we always have.

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