An affirmation is a positive thought that you repeat to yourself. Using affirmations will allow you to choose good thoughts and sow them into your subconsciousness to make you feel more successful, happier and richer.

Determine to be successful with the positive affirmation
Determine to be successful with the positive affirmation

Why should we use “affirmation”?

If we feel uncomfortable, it is easier to change what we say than we think and feel. And it is easiest to start by controlling what we will say first. Very quickly, what we say will positively affect what we think and feel. So, we will break this triangle and things will get better.

For example, suppose that you are driving on a highway and you have a severe headache. This is your chance to connect the power of words with the power of thoughts. And you repeat to yourself, “My head feels great, my head is relaxed and comfortable.”

What we say will positively affect what we think and feel.

When starting to say that, there will certainly be another voice saying: “You lie like pebbles, you have a terrible headache?” However, keep affirming what you want. Then, the thought that you are well will take root in your subconscious and you will begin to feel better. And 30, minutes later, this thought will arise: “I have a headache for a while, but it’s over. ”

You can use affirmations to get similar results in other situations.

The opportunities will open up endlessly. Affirmation is not without trying at all. It means you have conditioned your mind about what you want. If you choose to make it part of your life, you will find it a very simple and effective tool.

Some rules to remember when using “affirmations”

You have discovered the power of using an affirmation. However, you need to keep in mind the 3 following rules when using it:

1. The first rule when using affirmation.

First of all, your mind is always on what you think. So, if you choose an affirmation like, “I won’t quarrel with my husband” or “I’m not sick,” you won’t be very excited about the outcome because your mind turns to what you don’t want. Therefore, it is easy to understand why people talk all their lives about what they don’t want and then be surprised to get it back.

2. The second rule when using affirmation.

The affirmations in your mind will have a better effect if you say them orally or write them down on paper. Because if you just think about it, you can easily wander to other thoughts. Writing or speaking out will keep your mind from going astray and you have to use your other senses. Consequently, the effect will definitely increase.

Writing the affirmation down on paper will help us get it more easily.
Writing the affirmation down on paper will help us get it more easily.

3. The third rule.

The affirmation is very important to be repeated. If you want to rebuild a belief that you have had for 20 years, then you need to persevere. Don’t expect to change your life just by saying “I’m really happy” 6 times.

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