“Activate the subconscious” with APP RESUMIND

The human brain has two parts: consciousness and subconscious. Usually, we only pay attention to the consciousness, forgetting the inner subconscious. Consciousness accounts for only 10% of each person’s thinking and energy. The remaining 90% is in the subconscious. Consciousness is like the tip of an iceberg. The subconscious is the lower part that controls all directions of the iceberg. Similarly, the subconscious will control all human actions and emotions in life.

Currently, there is a way for the subconscious to work on will that is “activate the subconscious” with APP RESUMIND. It is a tool to help people change the subconscious at will lead to change the behavior which becomes active, look forward to the future, grow up faster.

“Activate the subconscious” with APP RESUMIND:The golden time to wake up

Science has found the best time to activate the subconscious, which is called the golden moment of humans. The golden time when waking up in the morning will determine 70% of the body state, the remaining 30% depending on the mood, eating, and drinking. If you skip this moment, you will experience a whole day of lack of vitality, sleep, fatigue. Besides, the golden time when you wake up is the best time to activate your subconscious mind.

“Activate the subconscious” with APP RESUMIND:How important is it to activate the subconscious at the right time?

Waking up in the morning while the body is still dreaming after a long sleep, which is the time when the subconscious is being kicked in. At this point, if you listen to life-loving positive messages, the whole day will always be fun. However, if the moment is delayed, all day we will feel tired.

Thus, it’s very important to activate the subconscious at the right time, which will maximize your ability to study and work all day by 200%.

 “Activate the subconscious” with APP RESUMIND:Benefits of activating the subconscious by APP RESUMIND

In the early morning, which is when the human subconscious opens. This is also the most important time on a day to decide 70% of the body state.

With technology combining alarm, recording, note, reminder, text to speech converts text to the human voice, in the early morning after the alarm sounds, RESUMIND will activate the subconscious by installed messages. Therefore, after waking up in the morning, you will hear the good messages you want. Every new day begins with a simple subconscious activation.

For working people, people with NLP thinking, being subconsciously activated early in the morning makes them love life, be positive, avoid stress and fatigue. Listening to cheerleading messages can reduce stress, reduce pressure on nerves.

For students, the early morning is the best time to warm up and review the lesson. This subconscious activation at this time is extremely important, which affects your ability to study all day long.

Setting up a cheerful, energetic subconscious at a golden time makes people love life, optimistic. Working in a positive state helps people to wish they would always look forward to a good future. Activate the subconscious at the right time, save time and increase efficiency.

Benefits of activating the subconscious by using APP RESUMIND

Save time. Just take a few moments after waking up to hear your preset messages. You can both listen and work.

Stress-free learning and memorization!

Create your best state at the moment of awakening!

Help set up positive thinking, systematize knowledge!

Increase learning efficiency and especially memorizing by 200%!

Create a powerful source of motivation for users!

Aim to dream and help a person to become aware of maturity quickly.

How to install a subconscious activation application.

Currently, the application “activate the subconscious” was available on the app store CH Play.

You just need to open CH Play, search for APP RESUMIND, and then install it on your computer.

How to use the subconscious programming application?

Open the app on your phone from the night before

  1. Step 1: Choose when to install the subconscious. (Recommendation: should choose the time of awakening, the start of a new day)

2. Step 2: Copy the content to be installed into your subconscious mind (brain). (Recommended: content to memorize or anything positive or good)

3. Step 3: Save and wait until the preset time.

4. Step 4: Tap any on the screen and continue to relax listening for the application to emit pre-installed messages.

5. Step 5: Relax or recite the messages until they are memorizing.

Some sample messages can be installed.

Today was a day of fun and energetic life. I have many people to love. Besides, I have always been loved and protected.

My life has always been a series of good days. Today, I have a lot of fun and go to great places.

Share comments from people who have used APP RESUMIND.

As someone who loves to sleep deeply, after waking up in the morning I always don’t know what to do and then go back to sleep. Even using the alarm will turn off to go to sleep again, which has a great influence on the work, many times late to work. After using the subconsciously activated photo app, at the time of opening my eyes every morning, I always hear reminders about work. Thanks to that, I remember what to do. RESUMIND has created great motivation for me.

We students of Mathematics have a headache with having to memorize. Especially, with the high school entrance exam this year, there must be a History exam. History is a subject that has an immense amount of knowledge to memorize. Studying with RESUMIND, I feel extremely interesting. You will always get up in the morning to review the lesson. Each children is now memorizing no pressure.

“Activate the subconscious” with APP RESUMIND is a new method. This is a support tool for users to improve their thinking and personal development. It is suitable for all subjects such as pupils, students, employees, or those with a millionaire mindset, NLP.

Through research and development of mobile apps, the Alan Ai Voice LAB team is very happy to launch APP RESUMIND, which is a big step forward. This application helps people develop thinking and personal development.

If you feel like this application, please share it with everyone. We want to contribute to building a growing society.

All comments, please send to:


We always look forward to receiving suggestions from everyone to make the application more developed.

Thank everyone so much! Good luck!

APP: REPROGRAM SUBCONSCIOUS MIND helps in self-development and studying while sleeping. It evokes powerful sources of energy every day through sight and hearing. Therefore, Please use APP: REPROGRAM SUBCONSCIOUS MIND because it’s awesome.

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