For many people, self-hypnosis has long been a means to handle problems and stick to their daily basis.

All the activities in your everyday life are driven by two parts of your brain: conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Each part has its own functions and is active in specific circumstances. Your subconscious mind records every information and experience in your life.

self hypnosis

Subconscious power

Subconscious doesn’t think but acts based on the information stored in it, so it is a vast storehouse of your beliefs, thoughts, and knowledge. By using it, you would probably reduce a large amount of focus-conscious energy released when solving several problems in daily life, so you need to take advantage of your subconscious as much as possible to abate stress and an open mind to new ideas.

Fortunately, hypnosis and self-hypnosis are the most effective means to communicate with the subconscious and change its programming.

A brief about hypnosis and self hypnosis

Hypnosis is a human condition that is in a highly focused attention state with heightened suggestibility. It has been a serious therapeutic tool to help people overcome several psychological, emotional to physical problems for a long time. It is also a natural harmless state that requires one to voluntarily take part in and remove all the anxieties as well as misconceptions while hypnotized.

Hypnosis is no mind-control, brain-washing, sleep, unconsciousness or a peculiar, altered or mystical state.

When hypnosis is self-induced it is called autohypnosis and is often referred to as self-hypnosis. Self hypnosis is a personal practice involving being highly focused and absorbed in the experience while giving yourself positive suggestions about ways to achieve your goals.

A self hypnosis technique

This article would introduce you to a simple but great way to hypnotise yourself called eye fixation self-hypnosis, which has long been a well-known and effective form of self hypnosis applied by numerous people around the world.

eye fixation self hypnosis

Step 1: Find a comfortable place

Place yourself away from any distractions of modern life like phones, computers, and televisions. This is your time. Make sure that nothing can disturb you and you feel physically comfortable during that time as this will help you relax.

Step 2: Sit in a comfortable chair with your legs and feet uncrossed.

Avoid eating a large meal just before so you don’t feel bloated or uncomfortable. You may also lie down although this method may lead you to simply fall asleep. Loosen any tight clothing and take off your shoes.

Step 3: Let your body relax

Allow your body to become loose and limp in the chair. Then slowly and with intention count down silently from five to zero. Tell yourself that with each and every count you’re becoming more and more relaxed. 

Enter the hypnotic state with a common technique known as progressive muscle relaxation. With this, focus awareness upon any tension stored in parts of the body, and release tension sequentially. Begin with your hands and arms, then move down to your back, shoulders, and neck, then stomach and chest and legs and feet. Visualise the tension dissolving or evaporating away, or slowly tense then relax the muscles

Step 4: Introduce a suggestion

In such changes when the body is in a focused and relaxed state, you can pay deeper and fuller attention to the suggestions you want to give yourself for self-improvement. Give yourself some recommendation about what you might do differently, or how you might react differently in some challenging situation, or how you might come to think differently about yourself or some circumstance.

Step 5: When ready, come back to the room by counting up from one to five.

After providing the suggestions, you can become more alert and aware by counting to five while telling yourself you are becoming aware of your surroundings. Tell yourself that you are coming back and at the count of five you will open your eyes. Count up from one to five in a lively, energetic manner. At the count of five, open your eyes and stretch your arms and legs.

Repeat this technique three or four times and notice how each time you reach a deeper level of relaxation. However, if you find yourself not relaxing as much as you would like, do not force it. 

What can a person achieve with self hypnosis?

eye fixation self hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a most empowering practice as you learn to have better control of your thoughts and reactions while enjoying the physical and emotional benefits of relaxation. We can also use it during difficult times to help improve symptoms of medical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, pain, and headaches. For many, self hypnosis has become a lifelong practice for continually reaping the benefits it affords them. It benefits you, as well.

Practice self-hypnosis on a regular basis. Relax and take your time. Accept the pace at which you achieve results, however small they may seem at first. Believe in yourself and you will go on to achieve the success you desire.

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