The subconsciousness is a mysterious place in our minds, where contains our deepest thoughts and dreams. It is also a place where bad habits can develop and manifest in our conscious minds due to the assimilation of personal experiences that shape who we are.

All of that can be reprogrammed with many techniques that you are not able to need a psychotherapist to help you achieve your goals to get what you want. Here are 8 ways to reprogram your subconsciousness.

1. Audio recording

Step 1: Find the suitable method for subconscious reprogramming successfully. In this post, I recommend you an application named REPROGRAM SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. It very helpful for all subjects including students and pupils of all levels, people want to learn foreign languages, people have a lot of work to do, people want to use subconscious powers, people want to change themselves, people want to conceive, etc.

Step 2: Record audio. After downloading the app, you record or note what you want to hear in the app. I think you should record just the right amount of information each day because your brain will have difficulty absorbing too much information at once.

Step 3: You turn on the audio recording at the time that I mentioned in previous posts. Specifically, 20 minutes before deeply sleeping and 20 minutes after waking up. At that time, your mind is still dreaming so that it can absorb the information effectively.

2. Meditation

Step 1: Use meditation techniques to help shape your subconsciousness for more positive results in your life. Lie down in a comfortable place, close your eyes, and breathe through your nose very slowly.

Step 2: Focus on your breath. Count to one inhale. Count to two as you exhale. Continue to meditate for about 10 minutes in a place you know won’t be distracted. Do this daily for the same amount of time and it can help you remove stress and negative thoughts inside your subconscious mind.

Step 3: Find a meditation CD online or at your local CD store. These can help guide you through meditation techniques if you have trouble relaxing to perform them on your own. Many of these CDs use a combination of music as well as relaxing narration.

3. Hypnosis

Step 1: Find famous hypnotists or psychologists who can help you with hypnosis. Then, make it clear what you want hypnosis for, and what subconsciously changes you want.

Step 2: Go deep into the subconscious. You are in the state of hypnosis – an unconscious state and you cannot control yourself. The hypnotist will guide you to step down the “subconscious stairs” slowly and begin to explore it.

Step 3: Change the subconscious mind. This is an important period that you need to do exactly what the hypnotist tells you. He will control your subconscious mind and help you reprogram it as you want.

Step 4: End the hypnosis process. You are back to normal in a conscious state and need to evaluate whether hypnosis helps your subconsciousness or not.

4. Positive affirmations

Step 1: Write positive affirmations about yourself on strips of paper, or say them out loud when no one is around. Do this for the current situations you have in your life that are not as positive and write a positive statement saying in the present. This deflects your subconscious from assimilating these situations and branding them as negative.

Step 2: Choose more than one positive statement about yourself or the goal you want to reach. You need to write down from three to five affirmations in one session because it can make the bulk of your goals change in the short term. Write them down and repeat them several times a day.

Step 3: Find a relaxing time throughout the day to repeat your positive affirmations. For a busy person, this could be during lunch or break. Continue to visualize or affirm your first things out loud in the morning or just before bed at night so that your subconsciousness can absorb them.

To be continue…

You can try using the app “Reprogam Subconscious Mind””. It helps you learn while you sleep and generate energy through sight and hearing by repeating the records. It’s the best method to reprogram your subconscious mind without losing time.



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