Continuing the previous section of this article, I will show you 8 ways to reprogram your subconsciousness (part 2)

Refer to: 8 ways to reprogram subconsciousness (part 1)

5. Imagine

Step 1: Lie down somewhere, close your eyes, and visualize a specific target you want to reach. It’s best to do this in bed right after you wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed at night. Your subconsciousness is most receptive when you are in the most relaxed state of mind.

Step 2: Imagine that your goals make you feel as if they are happening now. An imagined goal will be assimilated into your subconsciousness, which helps provide you a stronger drive to achieve that dream.

Step 3: Make your images as clear as possible so that you can know exactly what you want. If you want something good to happens, you’ll know exactly what the details are. Visualize these details and do this twice a day for about 10 minutes per session.

6. Experience more

Step 1: Search for interesting activities and events that you have never experienced. For example, if you are a person who prefers safety, you should try activities that are a bit risky like adventure games. Choosing more risky experiences will change your perceptions of safety and move out of it for better opportunities.

Step 2: Practice your ability to make quick and decisive decisions. Most of us have the same problem of hesitation in making decisions. It leads to missing good but rare opportunities.

Step 3: Enhance your life experiences. The more you experience, the more easily you can approach and reprogram your subconscious as what you want.

7. Believe in yourself

The most important key to reprogramming your subconsciousness is to believe in yourself first.

Step 1: Self-assessment (strengths, weaknesses) is very important. Evaluate yourself accurately. If you do not want to make a subjective assessment, you can consult the comments of relatives or friends. In fact, you must know who you are? You are in any position? What do you have and what do you want?

If you can answer these questions, you are doing very well in step 1. Thanks to understanding yourself well, you will have more confidence in yourself, as well as easier control of the subconscious. Actually, the subconscious belongs to the human brain, and of course, humans have the ability to control the subconsciousness.

Step 2: You can refer to the tips below to raise belief in yourself more and more

  1. Learn to accept praise
  2. Don’t try to be perfect at work
  3. Make eye contact when chatting
  4. Change your gait by straightening your back
  5. Don’t think about bad results
  6. Eliminate negative thoughts
  7. Highlight your achievements
  8. Think about your perfect version

8. Other ways

If you have trouble reprogramming your subconscious mind, you can seek the help of relatives or friends you trust. This is also one of the ways to help eliminate your subconscious anxiety.

Besides, you can also search for common ways on reputable and famous websites recommended by psychologists.

The app “RESUMIND” will help you reprogram your subconscious mind and belief system while sleeping. This application is not only built for children but also for everyone who needs to control the subconscious and belief.



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