The skill of persuasion is one of the most important soft skills that each of us should learn. It’s especially useful in a lot of situations, whether you’re at home or at work. Mastering the skill of persuasion is the key to success, achieve your goals, and live a happy life. So how to practice this skill by mind control? Here are great tips for getting the perfect persuasion skill you should know.

1. Use keywords with positive meanings

You want to go out but your mother wants you to finish your homework. You have two ways to answer: “I have done half already.”, and “I have half left yet.” Naturally, the first way of saying will be more convincing, even though the meaning of the two sentences is the same.

2. Mimic gestures of the listeners

Persuasive customer by Mimic gestures of the listeners

With this method, you follow the gestures and body language of the person you want to persuade. Imitating the manner of the listener will create empathy between the two, make it easier to persuade. Things you can learn include hand gestures, posture, head movements, facial expressions, or reflexive habits. However, don’t let it become too obvious that you’re trying to imitate them. The listeners may see it as an insult to them.

3. Focus on scarcity

This method is commonly used in advertising. They highlight the advantages of the product the user is looking for, or that other products don’t have. If an item is scarce, that means the demand for it is very high.

4. Give to receive

When someone helps you with something, you feel grateful and urgent that you want to help them back. So, if you want others to do something for you, treat them well first. It’s not just a relationship of reciprocity, it’s important that you have trust and long-term commitment.

5. Take advantage of mental fatigue

It will be easier for others to agree to your opinions when their spirits are in a state of fatigue and they tend to lose their mind control. When you consider making a suggestion about something they are likely to disagree with, wait until the person has just completed something that makes them mentally exhausted. For example, when you want to ask a colleague to do something for you, wait for him to leave the ofice after work.

6. Make no chances for hesitation

Take better control mind by not provide on hesitation opportunities
Take better control mind by not provide on hesitation opportunities

Marketers often shake hands with their customers, even when they’re in the middle of negotiations. A handshake usually takes place after an agreement has been reached. But by doing that while negotiating, these salespeople put pressure on and make the customer more likely to agree to their negotiation. Likewise, try getting the person you want to persuade to act on before making a final decision. You go out to play with your friends and want them to go to the park together. Drive towards the park before they make their own decision. Your friend is more likely to agree on this option.

7. Speak clearly and coherently

When you speak, if you use hesitant, inflexible expressions, the person you are talking to may think you are not confident. That is a sign that you are failing in persuasion. If you speak with certainty, seamlessly, and confidently, your communication and persuasion effectiveness will be much higher.

Practice good speaking ability to effectively persuade
Practice good speaking ability to effectively persuade

8. Take advantage of the majority effect

We often have a habit of consulting with others to decide what to do. In addition, we often do what most people do. It’s easy to be persuaded by people we like or highly appreciate. So, to persuade others, try to initiate and call for approval. Find your own charm and become confident in it. Your words will carry more weight.

As you can see, persuasion is an art that is not for everyone. However, better mind control can make your words or opinions more persuasive with simple yet effective techniques. Using willpower and subconscious strength also makes you more confident and more effective in communication. Our RESUMIND app is created to help you unlock 90% of your brain’s potential that is still hidden. Why not try doing it?

Resumind app help better mind control
Resumind app help better mind control

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