Hello everyone! Preparing for the new school year, after a summer of not having to face studying, laziness begins to cling to us. Usually, we have five main types of laziness: lazy movement, lazy searching, lazy reading, lazy thinking, lazy learning. I was also in the same situation. After that, I found 8 tips to cure lazy illness: 5 minutes a day. I have successfully applied that secret to get rid of lazy illnesses every day.

Learn about lazy illness:

First, you have to understand what lazy illness is. The lazy illness is extremely common in every human life. Besides, it is quite possible to bury us. Usually, we have 5 types of laziness: lazy reading, lazy thinking, lazy studying, lazy acting, lazy searching.

However, lazy illness is divided into 2 most common laziness:

  • If a person has worked hard all day, he will be lazy and will not want to do anything at all when he comes home.
  • The second type of lazy illness is that you don’t have the motivation and the energy to do anything. This article is about the second type of human disease. Therefore, people can apply the following solution to cure lazy illness at work and in school.

Method 1: Schedule work from an hour to an hour to not let lazy time

Create a schedule and take a short time to do what you are laziest about. For example, for people with lazy baths, about 15 minutes into a daily time frame to shower, then it forms a habit that they will feel extremely uncomfortable when not bathing in that time frame. As students, we are very lazy to study. Study in a set daily schedule, which will prevent you from being mentally lazy. We also have one more lazy illness: lazy cleaning. Create a daily schedule to move a little bit also helps a comfortable living space, has more energy, and also cure laziness.

However, we need to maintain it regularly to create a habit. It’s hard to make a good habit. However, it’s easy to get rid of it.

Method 2: Have someone force you to exercise every day

Most people don’t know how to get things done. Exercise does not require much thought. You just need to be active to sweat. Besides, exercise is a very good habit. It gives you good energy to keep you active all day. Hence, you need to ask someone to force yourself to exercise if you are not self-motivated. Self-consciousness is probably the hardest thing! Remember to ask someone!

If you are feeling depressed, tired, please exercise. When your body overcomes its sluggishness, there will be no more laziness. According to research by scientists, exercise also reduces stress, reduces stress, and creates a sense of comfort for the body. Movement causes the body to release several special hormones. Having an exercise routine also helps to have an ideal body.

Method 3: Use the 5 seconds to decide every action

Ask yourself if you’ve ever spent too much time thinking a yes or no question. Sometimes, laziness is only in doing or not doing. Taking 5 seconds to decide every action will save you a lot of time. That time will do a lot of other things. Instead of sitting there thinking, just use 5 seconds to decide and stand up.

Method 4: Focus on important jobs

Usually, everyone will have a list of jobs. In it, some jobs need to be done right away, but there will also be jobs you do not need to do. For the jobs that need to be done immediately, please focus on that. Don’t think about multiple things at once. That puts you under strain and starts to show signs of laziness. When you focus on one task, you will be more motivated to get it done at the fastest speed.

You should only set 2 to 3 goals in a short and specific time period. For example: spend 30 minutes a day reading a book and writing down its contents to cure lazy reading, lazy looking for information. You are lazy to learn English every day, please take 30 minutes to listen and speak English. When using English images in communication will make you remember more than when sitting to writing.

Method 5: Split the time to study and work

If you cannot set aside the whole session to sit in one place to study, take a little time in the learning process to exercise, clean the house, the corner of the desk. Standing up and walking works like this to help you reduce stress and fatigue very well. You can not spend the whole session sitting and reciting English. Schedule to sit and read for only 20 minutes and rest for 5 minutes. Besides, listen to soothing English music during breaks.

Thus, we can best adhere to the schedule. For me, I choose the penalty of not playing a game for a week and comply with that penalty. In that week, I was very difficult to go through.

Method 6: Use words to encourage yourself not to be lazy

It sounds funny! However, when using positive self-talk to recognize your own abilities, your brain is in a state of excitement, you will not have negative difficult thoughts anymore. Positive thinking produces positive speech and positive action.

We often have a habit of rejecting other people’s compliments. From now on, acknowledge those compliments and use them to praise yourself. The lazy illness is afraid of positive psychology, positive energy which will come to motivate you to work quickly.

If you are learning English, let think it is an easy subject. Please find lots of new words, find ways to read words, and find paragraphs containing that word. Thus, your learning will become very easy. Similarly, cleaning the house is also very simple, just to neatly clean the dirt.

Method 7: Find a companion in the process of lazy healing

You have a companion and will also be the supervisor you follow the rules you have set. Besides, you will also help your partner supervise. The two of you will motivate each other for the goal you have set more firmly.

Find someone to exercise together. That person will be the target of love and will also be a companion in the healing process of lazy exercise.

Two friends memorize together. It is easier for a supervisor and a reader to memorize the lesson to cure lazy reading.

 Method 8: the app to cure lazy illness: APP RESUMIND

It can be said that this is software that I like very much when sharing with you. I have used it to change myself. It is like a companion who always reminds me to adhere to the schedule set out. It is also a great assistant in the lazy healing process. Change your habits by motivating you to work.

You just need to download the app and save your messages and reminders. On the app, set a fixed time period. At that time, APP RESUMIND will emit the content you need to remember. The messages are emitted by the human voice through Text to Speech software.

APP RESUMIND - Solutions to lazy illness
APP RESUMIND – Solutions to lazy illness

RESUMIND creates motivation for life: cure lazy illness.

At all times, even when you are daydreaming, you can hear the messages. To cure laziness, APP RESUMIND will remind you of the things you need to do and what you must do.

Used to be one of the students, it can be said as lazy flowing. However, now, I have created a lot of good habits. I understand the mentality that you want to do something lazy. Even not want to stand up. Hopefully, “8 tips to cure lazy illness: just 5 minutes a day” will help you to change your habits.

If you still have any questions, please write again in the comment section. After that, I will answer them. If you like your articles, please like and share them with everyone.

Thank you so much! Good luck!

APP: REPROGRAM SUBCONSCIOUS MIND helps in self-development and studying while sleeping. It evokes powerful sources of energy every day through sight and hearing. Therefore, Please use APP: REPROGRAM SUBCONSCIOUS MIND because it’s awesome.

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