In this article, we will discuss about 8 motivational speeches from people who have overcome obstacles.They will help you break down barriers and achieve new successes.

1. The first of the 8 motivational speeches: “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it”, Charles R. Swindoll.

When facing with a problem, each person will choose a different solution. Things happen that no one can control, but how you react to it will depend on your personality.

If the final result is that you feel good about what you’ve done, you are choosing to respond positively to the events that will be the foundation of your future success.

motivational speeches which help you succeed
The first of the 8 motivational speeches: “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it”, Charles R. Swindoll.

To be successful in life, we cannot measure the things which are out of control. But how people handle the situations and what they choose to react to? Plan changes, unexpected disasters may strike, but successful people will control their reactions. They accept them and act positively.

2. The second of the 8 motivational speeches: “If you dare to dream, you can achieve it,” says Walt Disney.

Human have divine gifts of creation. It is Walt Disney who founded a legendary company and has left a legacy today with success associated with the creativity.

When he was young, Disney used to do art in an old and shabby warehouse where rats were often seen at work. Instead of chasing them, he fed the hungry mice. By this way, he created an invisible connection that prompted him to create the famous Mickey Mouse character.

From the inspirational Disney story, the lesson is that nothing can stop you from achieving the seemingly impossible. The most important thing is that you dare to dream and be confident in turning them into reality. Act as your dreams and connect your vision to life.

3. “Only when the caterpillar thinks that its world is over does it begin to turn into a butterfly”, Proverbs.

Going through the darkest phase, we will see dawn again. Before we see the light, we struggled in the dark with trials and suffering. To achieve success, you have to accept the blows from life, maintain your belief to overcome them.

Only when the caterpillar thinks that its world is over does it begin to turn into a butterfly.

4. The fourth of the 8 motivational speeches: “The person with the courage will dominate, master and avoid fear”, Mark Twain.

We can never eliminate the fear. It always exists, and you know it. However, only someone with the courage can act in spite of the surrounding fear. If you dare to look ahead, face rather than run, you will achieve success at unexpected times.

Shackleton is a famous explorer. During his journey to discover the new world, he and his crew faced many unimaginable difficulties. But in the end he overcame and returned in acclaim of the other people. What is the secret to the great adventurer ‘s success?

“The spirit of optimism is the true moral courage,” he shared his secret. He said that optimistic people always have better tolerance because they have the courage.

5. “Wherever there is love, there is life,” said Mahatma Gandhi.

At the end of the day, suddenly you realize that success and achievement will not bring the real happiness if there is no love. In other words, all the results are in vain if they do not bring peace of mind.

motivational speeches

Therefore, if you set a goal, you need to consider carefully whether it will bring anything good to your life or not. You only succeed when you achieve happiness. Therefore, follow what you really want, only by that will you have a feeling of being useful in life.

In addition, romantic relationships also need a lot of attention to combine with the goals you set. Only when your love life is smooth, will you fully express yourself.

6. “Motivation is what you need to start. And habits will keep you on track ”, Jim Ryun.

When you start a special job, you will need a switch to operate everything and remove all obstacles. That is the “motivation” button. However, the initial excitement will slowly fade away.

Implementing a realistic idea takes hundreds or thousands of hard work hours and so the inspiration will not be with you throughout your camo journey. It is the habit that will be your companion, whether you realize it or not.

If you have a habit of persisting with every goal you set, you will tend to do everything with an attitude that will not give up easily.

Young people have a special advantage, because they easily adapt good habits to bad habits. They are more likely to change and choose the best habits for themselves than an older people. as Steve Jobs, the father of Apple says, “Before the age of 30, you will form habits. After 30 years of age, habits will shape who you are. “

7. “The harm of a wrong decision is better than hesitation,” Maimonides said.

Life is always moving and never standing still. And there are decisions that seem so big and important that you hesitate to never take action and end up regretting it.

motivational speeches-wrong decision is better than hesitation
The seven among the 8 motivational speeches-wrong decision is better than hesitation.

Making the wrong decision is better than not making a decision at all. Learn from your wrong decisions to avoid it and improve things for the better result in the future. Moreover, keep moving forward.

8. The last of these motivational speeches: “The wound is where the light will pass”, Rumi.

Wounds are often painful and can make us scared. But they can still be healed. Strength and improvement will come for those who dare to fight for their own lives.

They bravely go forward, fight, although they are very painful. But it will bring a bright experience for us. Remember, if you are lazy, you will never learn anything.

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