Willpower building is an important part of achieving many goals. Fortunately, you can strengthen your willpower over time. You can raise your self-control in positive thinking and improve your willpower steadily through 7 ways as follows:

1. Don’t keep yourself in a state of willpower exhaustion

Lifting weights is a great way to gain muscle. But you wouldn’t spend 30 minutes doing this before helping a friend move things because you know your muscles will be too tired to do well. The same is true of willpower. While practicing self-control is a great way to build willpower, never giving yourself a break is a way to drain your will.

Therefore, you always have to set aside safe areas – relaxation and recovery time – to restore your willpower. Constantly draining your willpower will affect your results and your physical health.

2. Build good habits for willpower

As we know, stress can drain willpower. When people are stressed, they tend to fall into harmful habits. The reason for it is that people use old habits without thinking because they are under stress.

For example, imagine you have an important test or a presentation at work tomorrow. Your score in the course or your chances of advancement depends entirely on your performance tomorrow. You certainly feel very stressed, and your body will respond by increasing the stress hormones, most notably cortisol. How will you respond?

Some people choose to eat a lot because it will secrete glucose to reduce stress hormones. This can lead to obesity if we conduct it for a long time. Others use stimulants to reduce stress such as alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, etc. Although they can improve your willpower in the short term, they harm your health for a long time. Therefore, you need to create good habits when you are stressed such as listening to funny music, traveling with friends, watching movies, doing exercise. Building good habits will help to increase the will and enhance health as well.

3. Do each small thing at a time

People often give up not because they lack willpower, but because they feel overwhelmed by the horror of the goal they have to accomplish. A good way to deal with this is to break your big goals down into small manageable goals.

The strength of this strategy is that it guarantees success. Moreover, it ensures that you will never put yourself in a state of willpower exhaustion. When you achieve each small goal, you experience satisfaction and self-pride feeling. That will make you improve your will.

4. Positive thinking

Having positive thoughts will definitely help your willpower stronger. When you learn to think positively, your subconscious will produce some factors improving your will and desires. For example, if you think you can do it, your actions will favor it.

On the other hand, positive thinking can help you get everything your want and succeed in life.

5. Do exercise

In one small experiment, the researchers found that most people who exercise were able to resist temptation and persevere in their tasks.

To be a will-rich person, you don’t have to make a crazy exercise plan. To start getting all the benefits listed above, you just need to make a plan that is consistent and not overwhelming. Whether you exercise once a week or four times a week, it doesn’t matter. To get the benefits, create a plan that you won’t fail.

6. Prepare for situations that are prone to loss of willpower

Will-rich people go out of their comfort zone. They embrace the fact that they will be vulnerable, but they learn from their mistakes. They can let go of the criticism they will receive from others because they know they will get better.

To become one of them, push yourself just enough out of what’s comfortable and familiar but not so far away that things get out of control.

7. Be yourself

It takes a lot of effort to suppress your usual personality, interests, and behaviors. It can drain your willpower easily. Psychologist Mark Muraven found that people who use this type of self-control to please others are more likely to lose their will. So, just be yourself and you will get willpower.

Thank you for reading. Hope you have a good day!



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