Waking up in a state of drowsiness, dullness, and fatigue will negatively affect your productivity. This can be improved when you have a healthy morning routine that has beneficial long-term effects on your physical and mental health. Subconscious mind training is essential if you want to change your lifestyle in the long run.

This article will suggest 7 simple tricks with which you can have better mental health every day after you wake up. By keeping in the habit of doing this on a regular basis, you will keep your spirit up, be happy and efficient at work.

Step 1: Wake up early

We all like to sleep in as much as possible. Many people just want to get up close to work time, leaving only enough time for personal hygiene. It is a completely bad habit for which you cannot perform well at work. Instead, try to get up early, and more importantly, sticking to that habit everyday.

Waking up at dawn not only clears your mind but also gives you plenty of time to do whatever you want and get ready before you leave the house. Instead of rushing to grab a convenience store sandwich, you can prepare yourself a nutritious breakfast, slowly enjoy it while listening to music or morning news.

Step 2: Make your bed tidy

Procedure Subconscious Mind Training
Procedure Subconscious Mind Training

Rearranging blankets and pillows neatly after waking up will also help you feel more energetic and motivated to work, just as effective as subconscious mind training methods. It’s the first thing you get done during the day and that sense of accomplishment helps you to do other jobs in a much more relaxed manner.

Step 3: Drink a glass of warm water

Drinking a glass of warm water every morning when you wake up not only helps you feel refreshed and alert, it also helps to purify the body and help your metabolism work better. Alternatively, you can also add a few slices of lemon juice to flavor your water. Not only that, but lemons also contain antioxidants, which are very beneficial for your health.

Step 4: Take a shower

Having a shower in warm water every morning keeps you awake faster than anything else. Not only does it make your mind clear and prevent you from going back to bed to sleep, but the early morning shower will also make you more comfortable, especially when you feel clean and fragrant.

Step 5: Do exercises and stretch

Do exercises and stretch to subconscious mind training
You should do exercises and stretch everyday

You don’t have to go to the gym, which is also a method of subconscious mind training. Depending on your athletic preference, you can choose from running, swimming, walking around the house or a nearby park, or simply practicing basic stretches.

Morning exercises boost the function of our circulatory system. They also help your mind become more alert, and your body becomes more flexible after lying in bed all night. At the same time, this exercise habit will also reduce a significant amount of calories, helping you keep fit.

Step 6: Stay away from social networks

Don’t waste time every morning on your cell phone and social media. In fact, the time you spend on social media should always be controlled. The others’ feelings or life events should not affect your new day’s moods. Staying away from social media when you wake up will keep you healthy mentally, and you will also be able to focus more on your own life and work.

Step 7: Make plans for the new day

Make plan or note for day

This planning should be done the night before when you are about to go to bed. The positive influence of this habit will make each of your mornings become much more meaningful. Besides, you can also do the preparation for the new day right from the previous night, including preparing clothes, making lunch boxes, washing dishes, making plans.

This preparation not only saves you time the next morning but also helps you go to bed in a more reassuring and satisfying manner. It is much easier to sleep if you don’t have anything left undone and know what to do the next day in advance.

So those are the 7 easiest ways you can create a great morning, with healthy subconscious mind training habits. If you can apply it all, you will be able to enjoy every new day with more joy than fatigue and anxiety. In your opinion, what other habits are healthy and necessary for us to be productive? Please share through the comments below! Don’t forget to install our RESUMIND app to discover your own subconscious powers!

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