Morning is the beginning of a new day. So let’s warm up and recharge your morning properly to have the best health with these morning affirmations.

Wake up slowly

After waking up, the body needs a transition from a state of inhibition to a state of motor and euphoria. If we immediately get up, the body has not yet adapted. The blood circulation is slow. We will not have enough time to transport oxygen to the brain. Therefore, it will cause dizziness easily. This is especially dangerous for the elderly because it’s very easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident.

morning affirmations
Waking up slowly in the morning give you the best benefit for a good health.

So, when you wake up, you should do it slowly. You can use your hands to massage your face, then massage your temples, head and neck. Repeat it 20 times with your hands. Then tap 10 times all over the face. Slowly sit up, massage the calves, the soles of the feet, and 2 heels.

One of the very dispensible morning affirmations is drinking warm water in the morning.

Drinking enough water is very good for the body activities. When you wake up in the morning, your stomach is empty. Drinking warm water at this time helps to regulate the bowel function.

Remember not to drink sugary water, which are unhealthy, and also cause weight gain. This kind of drink especially accelerates the oxidation, leading to aging. Also, do not drink ice or thick tea, which is very easy to stimulate the intestines.

Stretches the muscles.

After waking up, the body is in the process of stiff muscles and slow blood circulation. We should perform a number of stretching exercises to improve the flexibility of the body, promote blood circulation. And at the same time renew the mental state to have a full working day.

morning affirmations: Stretches the muscles.
Stretch the muscles in the morning to improve the flexibility of the body, promote blood circulation.

Eat a nutritious breakfast is also one of the essential morning affirmations to have a good health.

Breakfast is the start of the body’s metabolism in the new day. People who do not eat breakfast are more susceptible to gastrointestinal problems and impaired health. People who skip breakfast often tend to be hungry at lunch, leading to overeating, which causes rapid weight gain.

Eat a nutrious breakfast to have the best health.

Be careful not to eat too much grease after waking up in the morning. If you feel like you can’t eat as soon as you wake up, try getting up a half hour earlier and exercising or showering before you start eating.

One of the most important morning affirmations is taking a warm bath in the morning

A warm bath in the morning not only keeps the body clean but also the mind is always at ease, the better the process of circulating in the body. Therefore, we will feel alert, cheerful, and think more clearly. This is very essential for intellectual workers.

Write a list of the things you need to do.

The lists will not only guarantee you getting all the work done, but they’ll also make you feel like you’re running your day. Along with helping you plan your day and week, lists will keep your brain from cluttering and overwhelming, which in turn reduces stress significantly.

Have a bowel movement.

You should form a habit of defecating in the morning. This helps to excrete waste from the body, reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines, and prevent constipation. At the same time, avoid the body from re-absorbing the toxin many times, which is the cause of many diseases. In addition, the habit of having a regular bowel movement every day after waking up is not only good for health but also effective for weight loss and fat loss.

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