Hello everyone, I am a student who has passed the university entrance exam. As you all know, college exam review is a very strenuous review time. Then we all have to learn an extremely large amount of knowledge in a very short time. This work is not easy. Below I would like to share “ 7 great tips to learn quickly and remember for a long time during exam season for students “. Hopefully, It can help you overcome this very strenuous review time. These great tips can be applied to many different subjects.

7 great tips to learn quickly and remember for a long time during exam season for students: Learning quickly and remember for a long time takes scientific space and time.

The right study space and time help you learn quickly and remember longer. The learning corner should have full lighting, the right temperature, spacious and neat space. The study space does not need to be too quiet. Besides, you can also listen to soothing music or happy, harmonious melodies to relieve stress.

If you feel that the space is still monotonous, you can add trees, picture frames, … what you like. It is advisable to memorize at times that are cool and pleasant, for example, in the early morning or late afternoon or when your mood is relaxed. Therefore, this helps a lot with learning fast and remembering for a longer period of time.

7 great tips to learn quickly and remember for a long time during exam season for students: You need to have a suitable learning method to learn quickly and remember for a long time.

Remember that each person will have a different ability after memorizing it. There are many learning methods such as sound, images combined with movement, and emotions … For example, when you memorize literature you can read texts according to musical melodies that make emotions high. You feel comfortable, which your brain will memorize the best.

Maybe you have to listen, write, or read aloud to learn. It is important that you find a suitable method for you to reduce stress, learn quickly, and remember for a long time.

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Don’t learn too much knowledge at the same time.

Science has shown that when you do too many things at once, your brain gets distracted and causes unwanted confusion. Learning too much knowledge in a short period of time will put stress on your brain. The amount of knowledge acquired will be limited and disturbed.


When studying history you should study in stages so that you will not be confused between periods. First, you will divide according to the wars of the centuries. Then decades and years. The final is the months and days. Arranging information to remember makes it easy to learn.

You can change the many learning methods you need to constantly reinforce knowledge, for example, writing down on paper or announcing by phone.

Learning quickly and remember for a long time by keyword lessons.

Storing every word will overwhelm you, why not summarize the main points of the article. If you want to learn quickly and remember for a long time, you should just memorize the main keywords to create a knowledge system. Writing down knowledge in short core words lets you remember longer and faster. Therefore, reconcile the lesson content with important keywords that will make you understand the lesson quickly and remember it for a long time. When studying, you should only learn information about the main idea that leads to developing side ideas.

Combining learning and relaxation: “Haste Makes Waste”

If we want to learn quickly, we need to combine rest and study. Our brains have only a certain limit to receive information. Besides, Forcing learning to memorize knowledge will backfire. You cannot gain knowledge without rest.

Studies and practice go hand in hand. Emotional connection

If you want to learn quickly and remember a foreign language for a long time, you need to communicate a lot. Communication helps us learn new words and grammar. You learn a foreign language by listening to foreign music that has slow melodies. Examples of songs: Cry on my shoulder, The day you went away, Because you loved me, My love,….

To support learning more experimental subjects like physics, chemistry and want to remember a chemical formula you should go to the lab and use the formula over and over again. As well as want to memorize the Physics formulas, please apply those formulas in life.

To remember the history subject, you should go to see documentaries, images or artifacts, related monuments to understand the history lessons. Especially when you memorize the history of Vietnam, you should use your emotions to dig deep into the mood of the heroes who sacrificed all for the resistance to save the country.

A tool to learn quickly and remember for a long time: APP RESUMIND

It can be said that this is a tool that I really love and is used many times in the exam review process. It can also be said that RESUMIND is a powerful tool that helped me a lot in my learning process.

RESUMIND : study anytime you want

This application helps us to study even while sleeping or going out. To use it, you just need to install the content to learn in the application then choose the time that those content can be played. Then that app plays out its lessons with voice messages.

Applied by TTS text to speech technology, RESUMIND helps you listen pressurized messages that are lessons you will remember very quickly and for a very long time.

Above are “7 great tips to learn quickly and remember for a long time during exam season for students“, They are all drawn from my experiences. Hopefully, it will help you very much to experience a test season more easily. If you find this article useful, please like and share it with everyone. Or if you have any questions, please comment below. I will try to answer you within my understanding. Thank you all.

App resumind helps you save time studying
App Resumind helps you save time studying

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