Just as the brain controls and operates physical activities, the subconscious helps in regulating mental activities. Your mind is constantly refining and providing information and stimuli to help confirm the beliefs that exist within you. In order to create good habits for our subconscious minds, we need to know how to train our minds. Below are simple yet effective subconscious mind exercises that you could try.

Meditation method

Many people think that meditation is one of the most effective ways for us to communicate with the subconscious. When we meditate, we help our minds to release distractions. Consciousness becomes quieter by concentrating all thoughts on one thing. When we do that, we can hear the message from our subconscious, which is often masked by consciousness.

subconscious mind exercises
Meditation is a good exercise for your subconscious mind

For effective meditation, choose to sit where there is as little distraction as possible. Then, focus on thinking about the one thing you want. In the beginning, practice with 10 minutes of meditation a day. Then, you can gradually increase the time depending on your tolerance. Besides, you can also practice meditation while lying in bed, before sleeping.

Self-hypnosis method

This is a way to connect the subconscious to human consciousness. During the process of self-hypnosis, our mind becomes calm, and our ability to focus increases. This subconscious mind exercise will help us find hidden secrets inside our subconscious mind. Subconscious messages echo during the self-hypnosis, causing our consciousness to take them slowly. At the end of self-hypnosis, we can do what we perceive into consciousness about our own desires and wishes.

Imagining and visualizing

This is considered the most effective method. This exercise helps each person draw an image of himself in the role he wants to be. This technique is mainly used by sports athletes to motivate them to improve their skills and get higher results. Usually, they will take time to do this exercise right before entering the game field.

Visualization is one of the most effective methods

Through scientific studies, it has been found that the brainwave activity in visualizing things is similar to when humans actually do it. That means the brain can’t tell if we actually do it or we’re just imagining it. The brain’s response in the two cases is quite similar.

Being positive about yourself

Tell yourself positive affirmations like “I am talented”, “I can”, “I am successful”, or “I am happy”, etc. These are assertions you can use to train your subconscious to believe that you can achieve your dream. Such assertions help our conscious mind communicate with the subconscious and deliver positive messages. Accordingly, you will be successful regardless of your ambitions.

Combining with visual ability exploitation

Not only can you repeat your self-affirmations verbally, but you can also write them on paper and stick them on the wall or anywhere easy to see in your house. Besides self-affirmations, look for more pictures that describe success and drive motivation. These are the best subconscious mind exercises for training your subconscious strength and bolstering your confidence.

Using intuition

There must be times when you hear a small voice in your head reminding you to do or not to do something. According to your intellect, you often ignore that voice. But then, when it all happened, you wish that you should have followed that mysterious advice then. This is an aspect that science still cannot explain. We call it intuition, and it seems like it knows exactly what we should do.

Listen to what the intuition tells you

Many believe it is the subconscious voice that is communicating with us. The stronger our critical thinking is, the weaker that voice will be. Listen to your intuition and consider why it suggests you do this. In the end, the decision is still yours.

Decoding your dreams

If intuition is a subconscious auditory message, dreams will be visual messages. To decode a dream and its meaning, write down what you saw in your dream. Maybe at some point, you will understand the subconscious’s message that was put into your dreams.

The above subconscious mind exercises have been practiced by many people. But to fully control your mind, you need to be really patient. Indeed, it is not easy for us to calm our consciousness and hear the subconscious voice. Only when you take the time to practice will you be able to see good results. Let us help you with our wonderful application Reprogram Subconscious Mind!

App Resumind
App Resumind

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