According to scientific research, the human brain is divided into two parts: subconscious and conscious. The functions of them are operating and adjusting the entire process of receiving information, handling them and leading to behave of the people in our life. So, what are the differences between the subconscious and the conscious?

Distinguish subconscious mind and conscious mind

Conscious mind

It accounts for about 5-10% human mindset, known as “the tip of iceberg”. Conscious mind is the part that people can think, analyze and express opinions: agreeing or disagreeing with other opinions or ideas. In general, conscious mind will have the functions as follows:

  • Conscious mind protects subconscious mind, select and handle input information
  • Has logic, reasonable and analytical functions.
  • Ability to distinguish right – wrong, good – evil, false – false.
  • Be limited in space, time, and information processing ability.
  • Maintain short-term information
  • Can be controlled and directed
  • Start programs in human mind

Therefore, each of us can personally feel the conscious mind because it is almost clearly demonstrated through actions, words and gestures. However, it is extremely difficult to control and adjust the conscious mind. You need to direct your mind, select positive, healthy and useful information for your brain; study and train yourself actively to grow the right mindset; avoid negative, unhelpful and harmful things.

Subconscious mind

If the conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg, the subconscious mind is like the sinking part of the iceberg that accounts for 90% of the human mindset. The subconscious is all of the information, experiences and memories stored from a previous life, during a mother’s pregnancy, and from birth to now. Your subconscious is an important factor determining 90% of your behavior. Therefore, just communicate and convince your subconscious to support the right decisions. The functions of the subconscious mind are:

  • Has ability to handle, operate all the time and the body automatically and infinitely. For example, when you sleep, there is a part that operates your brain, regulate heartbeat, metabolism, heal wounds,…
  • Has disability to distinguish right – wrong, good – evil, false – false, good and evil, reality, and illusion
  • Subconscious mind has not logic, reasonable function
  • Store and control your emotions, memory.
  • Maintain long-term information, handle thousands of tasks at once
  • Automatically find answers when we ask questions. Conscious mind is like a green house in the whole subconscious system.

In conclusion, the conscious mind looks like a small greenhouse in the forest of subconsciousness. As provided, you can control both the conscious mind and subconscious mind to achieve your success and dreams. However, it needs to go through practicing and learning for a long time. You need to be patient and try to repeat it every day!

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Some tips to program conscious mind and subconscious mind in life effectively

As you know, subconscious mind and conscious mind are very important to everyone in life. They govern and decide what you behave with others, maybe good manners or even bad manners. So, what should we do to program subconscious mind and subconscious mind in life?

Here are some tips that I exactly did for my goals many years ago. Hope they will be helpful for growing conscious mind and subconscious mind positively, as follows:

  • Always set specific and detailed goals for yourself
  • Communicate through pictures, symbols, and language-related to your goals to create opportunities for the process of visualizing your goals in the subconscious mind.
  • Repeat your goals in a positive state every day
  • Ask a lot of questions and think a lot about them so that subconscious will automatically find the right answer for you
  • Practice storing skills, experiences and important information in mind
  • Hypnosis and constant hinting

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