Men often think that the women are complicated, and it’s so silly to care about the criteria that women set for them. In women’s subconscious mind, good men need the following 7 criteria.

1. He must be handsome and has inner beauty in his mind.

Maybe you will think that the women are greedy to set this criteria.

“Handsome” on the appearance – in the judgment of women – are the clean, fragrant and well-dressed men. Everyone can have this standard.

Of course, if that man was born with a masculine standard of a “hot boy” – that might be advantage. But not all the men can have this criterion.

The handsome man with inner beauty in his mind.

2. In a woman subconscious mind, that man must be an inspirational person.

That sounds serious, but men shouldn’t worry about this criterion

You don’t have to be a leader or a speaker with heartwarming speeches. You only need to remember 2 things:

First-let’s choose your words. Speak kind words, always direct the other person on the positive side, instead of backing up and making people fall in love.

Second – let’s work hard. For the forgetful men – I often repeat: “A man who is passionate about what he is doing is the most powerful inspiration in the world”.

3. Always helping his partner is an importan criteria in women’s subconscious mind.

All the matured women understand that:

Love is not being together 24 hours a day and putting each other in control all the time.

Every adult has his own life and needs to “breathe”. But when women really need a man must not excuse “busy”.

A good man always presents when his woman needs.

4. In woman subconscious mind, a good man is the person who always give her the feeling of trust and security.

Apparently, this is a big quality that most women look for in relationships.

To create a sense of trust and security, you cannot express with words that: “I am a trustworthy person”.

It takes time to prove this. The most important thing is to act consistently and not superficially.

5. A good man must be the man of the family.

It’s different from our believe that women don’t need a man who can only say great things and do things in society.

It was because he could fix a broken chair, fix a burnt electric light – make women feel like a man to lean on.

A good man must be the man of the family.

6. A good man must respect his parents.

People once said: “To know about a person, you can observe how he treats his parents”.

Because if the people who love and are closest to him – he even treats him badly, you are nothing.

Some cases may not be completely accurate, but this is still a factor women are concerned about.

7. A good man must always give priority tho those he loves.

Actually, there are men whose feelings are real, but they don’t know how to love.

They are always interested in the opinions of unimportant people – instead of the feelings of the woman they love.

They can run away for a beer with a group of new acquaintances and leave their lover sad.

Women don’t want to love the cold-hearted men!

If you have these 7 things, you are actually the ones who benefit the most, not the woman next to you.

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