Making money is a hard task but keeping your finance flows in control is even harder. In fact, the true problem lies in how well you manage your cash. Today modern world also makes it easier for you to earn, but more difficult to save. The matter can stress you out but not until you know the system of the 6 jars money management, as well as the best tool of the year: the 6 Jars App.

6 Jars Money Management
6 Jars Money Management: 6 JMM

6 Jars Money Management

Coming to the financial field, it’s not the amount that matters, but the habit influences long-term wealth. If you want to achieve financial freedom as soon as possible, then the finest solution is properly 6 Jars System together with help of the latest 6 Jars App.

Learning some basic money management techniques to get your finances in order is essential. And the 6 Jars Method by T.Have Eker includes and nicely organizes all the metrics that you should notice.

This is a relatively simple system that suits everyone from adults to teenagers and even kids. According to the concept, you just have to split your monthly earnings into 6 separate accounts, each of which contains a certain proportion of your money for different purposes.

  1. Necessity Account (NEC – 55%)
  2. Financial Freedom Account (FFA – 10%)
  3. Long-term saving for spending Account (LTS – 10%)
  4. Education Account (EDU – 10%)
  5. Play Account (PLY – 10%)
  6. Give Account (GIV – 5%)
Divide spending needs into 6 financial jars
Divide spending needs into 6 financial jars

 6JMM App Goes Miracles For All Ages

One of the best tips to nurture good money habits is using a money management app to track money flows. You won’t want to waste your time organizing, setting, and building up a table to follow your expense routine, meanwhile, there are lots of digital devices on the market that can help you in a matter of seconds. And the 6 JMM is my first suggestion for you, which is also my favorite money assistant of all time.

This is the best budgeting app overall, which is appropriate for everyone of every age. The 6JMM is investigated and built up by Alan Al Voice Lab. It bases on the 6 Jars Method by T.Have Eker, dividing your money into 6 different jars as above. It will smartly and automatically calculate your spendings by day, week, month and extract the report to excel. Then it will suggest the ideal spending model for users to adjust.

6 Jars Money Management App-6JMM

Highlighted Features of 6JMM

This application not only covers all standard functions of a normal money management app but also features a handful of outstanding specifications that other apps don’t have. Let’s discover.

Master Everything With One Spell

This is amazing, isn’t it? With only one spell, you can get your finance into order in a matter of seconds.  There is also a tendency that phone users like using voice transference, and the app excellently satisfies this preference of its target users. It is really smart and with high technology, it can quickly convert your voice into text. It would be even more attractive with lazy folks! Now you don’t have to take your phone, go into the app, type, and fix your texts anymore, all you have to do is opening the app and say out your expenses, all the other works belong to the app.

Attractive Design

The first impression is important and the 6JMM masters it. You would probably be impressed by the user-friendly design of the 6 Jars Money Management which gives you a feeling of amicability and easy-to-use. You are also provided with several color palettes so that you can change the main theme to fit your style.

Coming with that, the app also supports several languages for people in every country. As the target users of it don’t stop in a particular nation but the world. This means our team is really confident with the efficiency of the app. Trust us and try it out!

6JMM . User Interface
6JMM User Interface

Complete Using Guide

When you’re new to the app, you would apparently wonder how to use it well. It’s no longer a matter without the app as when you first go into the app, it will carefully guide your step by step to use all utilities it provides in the best way.

Smart Categorise

Not only the app applies intelligent idea from 6 Jars System of T Harv Eker, but it also provides you the extreme utility of classifying expense into right jars. For example, when you type “50 USD for food”, it will automatically list it into NEC jar”. In this way, you will save much time keep your money on track.

Smart Excel Report and Smart Search

The reason why I highly recommend this app is because of its advantageous utility of listing and exporting excel files as well as convenient category searching. For example, when you search “food”, you will be provided every budget relate to food. As I said in the last article, the best way to keep up with your money pocket is using excel. Now you can easily get your budget list in order in the form of excel with an easy-to-understand classification column with this app.

Cause everything inside is so simple and useful, you should enjoy 6 JMM. It’s worth the process!

Don’t miss your chance to approach financial independence with 6 Jars Money Management!

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