Although the online learning environment has supported learners with visual and vivid lessons, there are many pictures and sounds accompanying the courses to become more interesting. But, to increase the motivation for students when learning, teachers can apply the following additional ways:

1. Set up the goals and remind students to do it each day. It’s the best way to create motivation for students.

Before taking a course, set a goal for yourself. At the same time, make a schedule to remind yourself to try to learn effectively every day to achieve your learning goals. You can write down your goals in a notebook or a piece of paper, and place it in the easiest place to remind yourself. A self-made reminder calendar can also be set up in your phone.

tips to increase motivation for students when studying online
Set up a clear goal to motivate students when they study online.

2. Build a detailed schedule to increase motivation for students to study online.

The timetable will motivate students to fulfill their learning goals. According to the allocated time, they will know clearly what time they will focus on studying, and what time they will have fun and rest.

3. Build an inspirational study space for students.

The advantage of online learning is that learners can be active in building their learning spaces. But that does not mean that you choose the study space that affects your learning. Priority should be given to building and choosing a space that give you the learning inspiration. Studying in such spaces always brings a relaxed and comfortable feeling for learners to work hard and concentrate better.

tips to increase motivation for students: Create an inspirational space for students when they study online.
Create an inspirational space for students when they study online.

4. Create a habit of learning anytime, anywhere to increase the motivation for students to study online.

It’s not just building a habit of learning by the prescribed hour. Train themselves to have a habit of inquisitive and curious. Learning can take place at anytime, anywhere. Learners should take the initiative in their learning in a more positive way.

5. Encourage students to communicate and connect with people around them after stressful school hours.

Quality online internal training systems equipped students with interactive features during and after school. This helps students and teachers to interact easily. Therefore, they can connect, learn and exchange information with each other. As a result, students will have a relationship with the teacher. They will learn better, and it helps them get more and more interested in learning.

Encourage students to communicate with their friends after school hours.

6. Encourage students to reward themselves for accomplishing their goals.

Encourage students to reward themselves for what they have accomplished. This motivates them a lot. Break down their goals so they can accomplish the knowledge quickly. And the rewards don’t have to be too complicated. Sometimes just a few minutes of breaks, or small things are enough to bring them mental excitement to continue studying well.

Currently, thanks to the online training system with a variety of features and measurement, the learning management system has helped students to learn more actively than before. The specific, personalized online lessons with many vivid features along with a scientific learning path have brought quality lessons. This contributes to improving the quality and efficiency of learning for students and teachers.

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Resumind: mobile app make motivation for students
RESUMIND: mobile app make motivation for students

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