Continuing the previous section of this article, I will show you what can steal your motivation and ways to get it back

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4. Lack of self-awareness

We all have a decision center in our brain and this part of us needs some practice. Scientists have found that this decision-making center in the brain is underdeveloped in people with depression and cognitive problems. Others have difficulty in controlling their self-awareness. In other words, they are lazy people. Therefore, they lack motivation in work and life.

How to get back motivation: Consider how much self-awareness you have in relation to the goals you’ve been trying to pursue. Are there areas where you feel constricted and controlled? Consider how you could gradually introduce more self-consciousness in your task, time, technique, location, and team. After that, you will get rid of laziness and find the motivation to make your dreams come true.

5. Lack of challenge

Challenge is another essential factor for motivation that famous authors like Daniel Pink, one of the authors of Flow “The Psychology of Optimal Experience” recognized. He claimed that when it comes to dealing with challenges, there’s an amazing spot. Too great a challenge and the fear becomes too great can steal our motivation. But if the challenge is too small, we quickly get bored and don’t want to struggle to stay motivated anymore. We’re designed to be living, growing creatures, and we need constant challenges to master new skills. Without challenges, we can’t get the motivation.

How to get back motivation: Consider your goals and the projects you’re working on. Are they challenging you? Will they ask you to grow to achieve them, or are you stepping on your comfort zone, just doing the things you know you can do? Try adjusting your goals to make them a little more challenging. Or do projects that require you to grow, explore, and be more creative to help your own skills develop.

6. Stealing the motivation by loneliness

This is especially important for people who work in an alone environment or without encouragement. For example researchers, people working from home, people working away from home, etc. They sometimes feel unmotivated because of loneliness.

You will understand this feeling better when you go through days that you have a little fever but no one is around, or you don’t want to work but want to go out for a drink with a friend. Well, it’s because we are designed to be social creatures and we crave to connect with others. That’s why we want to spend time with others more than work. Actually, this instinct can steal our motivation. Besides, the lack of encouragement from relatives or friends or loneliness also makes our motivation significantly decreased.

How to get back motivation: Take a break and spend time with the person you love. You may be surprised at the motivating impact this has and find yourself much wiser and more effective when you get back to your job. And then look for ways in which you can start networking and venturing into your work.

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