Motivation is the basis of creativity, productivity, and happiness. It is also the cause of our action, and when we act, we create movement, growth, and change. When getting the motivation, we can create the things we want, which gives us purpose and happiness.

However, there are a lot of things that can steal our motivation, typically the 5 things below. Let’s find out the ways to fix them!

What’s motivation?

According to psychological research, motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation causes the human to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge.

Most of us, however, have only one perspective of motivation. Whenever you don’t get motivated, you can assume you’re struggling with the same problem. In fact, demotivation is a category of problems, which contains many variations. It means that demotivation has many causes. And not all of them apply the same strategy such as setting goals, pushing harder, creating responsibility. Although these strategies can motivate you and run your life through the use of to-do lists, they do not work for most types of demotivation. In some cases, they can even make you less motivated.

1. Stealing the motivation by fear

When you are scared, even when you are on the path you have chosen to move, part of you is determined to avoid moving on. Fear can make you slow down and hesitate. This may be beneficial for you to be careful about your steps, but sometimes your fear can cause you to lose good opportunities. Fear is based on your imagination rather than on an accurate assessment of your actual risks. If your fears are big enough, even if you eagerly want to move forward, the part you want to keep you safe can prevent you from getting on both desirable and safe paths.

How to get back motivation: To get motivated, you need to face your fears. Start by naming your fears to make them public. Remember to say “thank you” lightly to your fears because they are trying to protect you after all. Then, ask your fears: “Why am I afraid of that happening?”, “What are the real opportunities that will happen?”. Some of your fears will be gone by now. And some advice for you: Be courageous and sometimes take risks and put your safety aside to get what you truly want.

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2. Setting the wrong goals

We’re all surrounded by so many messages that feed into our society and we’re keen to impress everyone. When you feel unmotivated, it’s because you’re setting goals based purely on what your society wants. So, it can pull you away from the direction your essential self wants you to do.

How to get back motivation: Take some time to consider your goals. Because your essence is nonverbal, you can easily approach it as well as the subconscious mind through your body and several other methods. Notice how your body reacts to the thought of each goal you are trying to achieve. It lets you know whether you are setting your goals wrong or right.

3. Lack of clarity

When you are not clearly conscious of what you want, your picture of the future will be very vague. We often love familiar things and are afraid to explore unfamiliar things. If we are not clear about what we want, we will lose motivation in future experiences because we want to stay in the present more familiar.

How to get back motivation: If you want to create something different from what you’ve been experienced, just knowing what you don’t want is not enough. You need to present a specific vision of what you want to create so that you can familiarize yourself with the new result. Take some time to clarify what you want and why you want it.

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