In modern society, we have to make so many expenses, some require cash but now there are also transactions not by cash anymore. Sometimes we use credit cards, PayPal, etc. that aren’t in physical form. After all, the easiest way to keep track of your money is by the 6 Jars Excel System.

4 Steps to Build 6 Jars Excel

According to the 6 Jars System, you will have to divide your monthly income into 6 separate accounts: Necessities (NEC – 55%),  Financial Freedom (FFA – 10%), Long-term Savings (LTS – 10%), Education (EDU – 10%), Play (PKY – 10%) and Give (GIV – 5%) jars.

As follow, we can build up 6 jars of excel like this:

Step 1:

Plan your monthly income with the 6 Jars System. There’s no specific percentage for each account. In fact, the proportions provided above are just suggested, so you can always adjust the real number or percentage base on your situation. Here’s the example :

6 jars excel
6 jars excel

Step 2

Then use different bank accounts to control and separate FFA, LTSS, and NEC accounts. This also means that I didn’t separate the GIVE, EDU, and FUN account from the NEC account.
A account : Financial Freedom Account
B account : Long Term Saving for Spending
C account : Necessity Account

Step 3

Every month, when I received the monthly salary in the C account, 2 transactions will happen automatically.
1. The FFA number 15,000 goes to the A account.
2. The LTSS number 5,000 goes to the B account.

Step 4

Only use the money in your C account and RECORD every single expense on the google sheet 6 Jar Budget Template I prepared for you guys. You will find out that you can always pay yourself first and still know where did all your spending go.

It is very crucial that you find a bank account that can set up a recurring routine to make those 2 transactions (step 3) happen automatically every month. If we didn’t even notice the transactions is happening, then it’s way easier for us to keep this effort-free habit. After all, it’s human nature.

6 Jars Excel in 6JMM App: Super Easy and Convenient

You can manually build a 6 Jars Excel to keep up with your daily and monthly expenses, however, now you no longer have to take so much time and effort to do this. Why? Because there are 6 Jars Money Management App (6 JMM) available on laptop and mobile phone for you!

This incredible app not only provides users friendly looks, convenient utilities but also has an extra-convenient feature of exporting excel files, which other apps don’t have! has been organized logically so that everyone could understand, so no need to worry about that now!

App 6JMM can self-divide expenses according to input content
App can self-divide expenses according to input content

If you had read my article before, you would probably know that one of the best ways to manage your money well is by using digital technologies. But there are so many apps out there and it would make you overwhelmed choosing the right one for you. So I’m here to make it all easier for your well-being, as doing my duty, I highly recommend the 6JMM app developed by Alan Al Voice Lab Team with all enthusiasm to assist users with financial matters. Additionally, as a care app for users, they always listen to people’s comments and rates to update the app as best as possible! What a wonderful app with wonderful manufacturers, right?

Because it’s free, convenient, and helpful, make yourself a download of the app now!

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