Managing personal finances can be a daunting prospect unless you have the right tools and techniques. Then to keep track of your financial health, you must know about this 6 Jars Excel, which is the accessible money managing method that most people use these days. As well, I will introduce the best tool that offers you an extremely simple, macro-free, and logical spreadsheet, scroll down to discover!

Get Closer to your Financial Goals with 6 Jars Excel

With so many bills and payables every day, the task of saving money is really hard, which prevents you from reaching your financial independence goal. Fortunately, the 6 Jars Money management solves the problem, even if you earn $1 or $1000.

How is it so magical?

All you need here is the method and good money managing habits.

In the well-known “Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind”, T.Harv Eker has introduced this magical 6 Jars System which leads you to your financial freedom in the fastest way. It is also a relatively simple and friendly concept that everyone can understand and apply, that’s why it’s such a popular way of controlling money flow nowadays.

This system requires you to divide your money into six different accounts or jars containing certain percentages of your income. Specifically, they are Necessary Accounts (55%), Financial Freedom Account (10%), Long-term Savings for Spending Account (10%), Education Account (10%), Play Account (10%), and Giving Account (5%). Every one of these jars is essential and you should put your money into them as the following percentage, regardless of how much you earn. Over time, you will watch them continue to grow on your journey to financial freedom.

Coming with the concept theme, the 6 Jars Excel is the best assistant that will help users track their money in the most simple and convenient way, thus implement your money-controlling habit.

Why is the 6 Jars Excel so Helpful?

Once your transaction information is imported into Excel, it’s easy to track your spending habits to help stay on course and get closer to your financial goals.

6 Jars Excel
6 Jars Excel

In this case, you can easily go into the 6JMM App in a matter of seconds to get an instant glimpse of how you’re spending across various categories such as groceries, household items, rent, and more. With the help of an easy-to-understand utility, you can quickly track how your spending compares month over month. As you can see, the 6JMM App has now been the final key method for you.

6 Jars Money Management App

Don’t miss your chance to achieve financial freedom!

What do you have in 6JMM App?

Not only personal cash flows can the 6 Jars App track but also other bigger money amounts used for your business!

This is the best budgeting app overall, which is appropriate for everyone. The 6JMM is investigated and built up by Alan Al Voice Lab. It bases on the 6 Jars Method.

The application will calculate your spending by day, week, month and extract the report to excel. Then it will suggest the ideal spending model for users to adjust.

What is More, the 6JMM Offers the Perfect 6 Jars Excel System!

Everything in the app is easily customizable to suit your needs. What an astonishing app it is, isn’t it?

We know people often choose Excel to manage their finances because it allows them to take a more personalized approach. With this in mind, we designed 6JMM App to be easily customizable to suit your needs and goals.

For example, if a certain transaction does not fall within an existing spending category, you can simply add your own. If you want to perform quick custom analysis, you can copy the relevant transactions into a new category. These then will smartly convert into an Excel table when you request. Now, there will be no time-wasting and calculating problems available!

6JMM app

From helping you track your monthly spending and build good money habits, 6JMM App makes it easy to manage your money. We hope that by using 6JMM, organizing your finances becomes a more manageable and empowering experience. We can’t wait for you to try it out and share your feedback with us.

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