Have you ever be overwhelmed by so many kinds of budgets and expenses to be done? Have you ever struggled with the lack of money at the end of each month? It would be really hard for you to deal with so many spendings and payables, but not until you know these 3 financial rules and the 6 jars excel method. Don’t miss the biggest secret at the end!

3 Must-Known Financial Rules

On the way to achieve financial independence, you must know and keep in mind these 3 personal finance rules:

  1. Earn more than you spend;
  2. Never borrow money to invest;
  3. Save when you’ve paid for the roof over your head.

And now, it’s time for the long-awaited task: creating 6 jars of excel and apply the method to create your own budget!


Why is the 6 Jars Excel so valuable?

Relating to the money field, there would be plenty of ways to pay as well as a lot of bills and payables you have to pay on a daily basis. As a result, you may be overwhelmed with so many expenses that you can’t keep track of all in one day. I’ve been through that! Fortunately, after a couple of months of experiments, I’ve found the best way to solve this problem: The 6 Money Jar Method together with the 6 Jars Excel.

You can manually build a 6 Jars Excel to keep up with your daily and monthly expenses, however, now you no longer have to take so much time and effort to do this. Why? Because there are 6 Jars Money Management App (6 JMM) available on laptop and mobile phone for you!

This incredible app not only provides users friendly looks, convenient utilities but also has an extra-convenient feature of exporting excel files, which other apps don’t have! has been organized logically so that everyone could understand, so no need to worry about that now!

6JMM: The Best Solution for your Financial Matters

If you had read my article before, you would probably know that one of the best ways to manage your money well is by using digital technologies. But there are so many apps out there and it would make you overwhelmed choosing the right one for you. So I’m here to make it all easier for your well-being, as doing my duty, I highly recommend the 6JMM app developed by Alan Al Voice Lab Team with all enthusiasm to assist users with financial matters. Additionally, as a care app for users, they always listen to people’s comments and rates to update the app as best as possible! What a wonderful app with wonderful manufacturers, right?

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