We make powerful life impacts and shape our life goals based on what we say and what we suggest. We program our destiny by our own beliefs and rules. They are based on the stories you have heard, the events you have experienced, and positive self-suggestion and affirmations. To achieve what we dream of more quickly and successfully, you should know the ways to unlock your subconscious mind.

The subconscious is the area of ​​the mind that has a huge controlling role. However, what it does is only to keep you safe and comfortable. The subconscious does this by establishing core beliefs based on your own experiences. These beliefs serve as a lens through which you can see the world.

The existence of core beliefs can be a strength, but it can also be a challenge or an obstacle to the mind. But fortunately, you can make a difference in those beliefs and at the same time, affect your subconscious mind in the way you want.

Find the positives

ways to unlock your subconscious mind help change your life
ways to unlock your subconscious mind help change your life

The easiest way is to learn to take control of your living environment. What kind of music do you choose to listen to? What kind of scenery would you like to see? Which emotion do you like the most? If you want to create positive things, let yourself be with positive people. The interesting thing is that you can learn about the habits and thinking patterns of those around you. Who do you want to be? And what can you do to succeed?

Visualize success

If you think you can, you will succeed. If you think you can’t, you will fail. We often limit our opportunities to our unintended future fantasies. Instead, why don’t you fantasize about success?

Put yourself in the context of the success you always want you to achieve in the future. What do you see, hear, and feel? Lively visualize those things. Fill your heart with feelings of gratitude and joy. Take 5 – 10 minutes a day to practice experiencing and realizing those fantasies. Our minds cannot distinguish whether these are real or imagined experiences.

Say positive self-affirmation

ways to unlock your subconscious mind by positive sentence
ways to unlock your subconscious mind by positive sentence

Everyone has had bad experiences and negative thoughts in life. Don’t let those things disturb you. Instead, use self-affirmations to cheer yourself up, bring them into ways to unlock your subconscious mind. Write down your favorite positive affirmations. “I’m becoming more and more beautiful.” “I am studying hard and I will be able to pass the upcoming exam.” Add positive emotions to those affirmations. “I am happy and completely healthy. I love my job and I will achieve great results. “

Remember to keep those motivational statements in a positive form. Your subconscious will find it difficult to discern and be confused if you use the negative form. Instead of saying, “I feel prettier when I don’t eat junk food.”, say, “I feel prettier with a reasonable diet and eat only healthy foods.”

Uses binaural beats

Brainwaves change based on what we are doing, and what we feel. Gamma waves have the fastest frequencies. It processes a lot of information at once and involves physical activities. Beta waves are activated when we are awake. It is a wave of alertness and flexibility. Alpha waves are present when the mind is in a state of stillness like a light meditation. That is the state of rest when we are deeply aware of the present. Theta waves appear during sleep and in a state of deep meditation. It feels like when we are dreaming and transcending common sanity. Delta waves are slow waves, appearing when we sleep without dreaming, and in the deepest state of meditation. This is the state with no interference of external perception and is the root cause of empathy.

Binaural beats are inserted in music that simulates the above brainwave frequencies, bringing the brain to the desired state. Binaural beats help bring consciousness to a new level of perception, creating positive changes in your life.

Practice hypnosis

Similar to binaural beats, hypnosis is a method of bringing the state of the brain to the frequency of the theta or delta brainwaves. The hypnotherapist will then offer positive suggestions and direct you to a vivid visualization of what you want to achieve. Instead of using recording tapes and music, hypnotists use their own voices to create the proper state of consciousness for the user.

As such, there are many effective methods to help you find ways to unlock your subconscious mind and successfully break the stereotypes that hold us back. You can also try our Reprogram Subconscious Mind app to experience a new effective and time-saving method.

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