We all have many things to do every day. The workload today may be more, or maybe less than yesterday, but the amount of time we have each day does not change. So, how can we take advantage of the time we have each day to be productive? Here are 5 ways to use your conscious mind to arrange your time reasonably and avoid wasting time on unnecessary stuff.

List out things to do

One of the best time management tips is to write down the tasks you need to work on for the day. Most people do this every night before going to bed. This way, you can rest assured that nothing is left undone. Taking about 30 minutes a day at night to plan the next day will also help you organize those tasks most effectively. There are things that are urgent, and things you can do later.

ways to organize your time effectively with your conscious mind
ways to organize your time effectively with your conscious mind

With to-do arrangements, you can handle them more efficiently, avoid wasting time and missing out on important tasks. Thus, each day you will be able to feel joy and satisfaction with yourself. One advantage of having a plan every night is that you’ll have time to imagine how you’ll do these things and limit the time spent on each particular tasks accordingly.

Arrange task order

After listing your to-do tasks, you need to arrange the order in which they are to be executed, giving priority to the things you should finish quickly. It also helps you to keep balanced and figure out how to do those tasks effectively. Avoid having multiple tasks in the same priority order, as this also reduces your productivity. Make sure you put your to-dos in order to handle your tasks one by one. Besides, limit the time that allows you to complete a task.

Arrange task order: ways to organize your time effectively with your conscious mind
Arrange task order: ways to organize your time effectively with your conscious mind

For example, say you want to spend 2 hours at night learning a foreign language. You will focus entirely on your studies during that time without being distracted by other things. Set a time and schedule an alarm to remind yourself of your discipline. Most things you do every day have an estimate of how long it will take to complete. For things you’ve never done before, be a little more generous in terms of time span.

Make a plan in detail

Just listing out the tasks is not enough. You need to prepare what you need to execute the work in advance, if you do not want your time to be wasted. During the implementation process, it is likely that many problems will arise, making it difficult for you to complete your work in the time limit you plan before.

For example, if you have an important meeting tomorrow, you need to prepare things to bring, clothes to wear, and set alarms. What if you forget your appointment? That would be tragic! By this way, the more well-prepared you are, the more efficiently and quickly you will be able to get the job done.

Assign some tasks to someone else if you are too busy

You will not be able to get a job done at the highest efficiency, if your conscious mind is occupied with too many different things to fulfill. In case you can’t handle everything at its most efficiency, try asking someone for help. Consider unimportant and non-priority jobs and assign them to the person who you trust and is willing to help you. By this way, you can focus on the important things to get them done effectively. Of course, you should treat the one who helps you to a meal, a cup of coffee or help them back instead of just a thank.

Set up reminders

No matter how well planned you are, you will probably forget your job without prompting. Our brain can hardly handle all the work details and forgetfulness is something everyone has, especially when you have too much to do. You can prevent task forgetting by setting a reminder in your phone. That way, you’ll always know what to do and when.

Another way to remind yourself is to use sticky notes. Stick to-do notes on places you often see. If you regularly use the computer, take advantage of the Sticky Notes function right on the desktop. You will be able to regularly check on and monitor the progress of your own work.

In addition, using our app Reprogam Subconscious Mindalso helps you manage your time and handle your tasks more efficiently. If the capacity of your conscious mind is limited, you can use your subconscious mind to explore your infinite possibilities, including utilizing your time and getting work done.