Psychological trauma or learning problems are the main causes of a student’s lack of interest in learning. However, sometimes the root of the problem may simply because the teachers don’t create enough motivation for students. Motivation cannot eliminate all problems. But it will be a solution that can prevent many problems that students and teachers encountering in the classroom.

Here are five ways teacher can use to create motivation for students in the classroom.

1. Design clear “destinations” to increase motivation for students.

Teachers cannot expect a strong source of momentum if students do not know what the ultimate goal they need to achieve. It is important that each time the teacher begins a lesson or chapter in a subject, he or she should give the specific goals that students will need to achieve.

Create a clear goal will help student have more motivation in class.
Create a clear goal will help student have more motivation in class.

This technique can also be used if the lessons relates to life problems. For example, at the end of lesson about currency, the teacher hopes that the students can add up exactly the big sums of money. By creating a shop in the classroom and providing small items such as eraser, pencils, etc. students can buy it if they add up the exact amount given by the teacher. In addition, teacher should give students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and the “destinations” that motivate their learning.

Teacher should focus on progress to create motivation for students in class.

Another way to motivate students is to build and maintain a growth mindset. If the teacher makes the requirements too high for the current level or the student’s age, it will make the students feel pressured and unable to achieve their goals.

Teacher should set smaller goals and focus on whether the student will achieve them or not. By this way, students will find many chances of succeeding at this goal and staying motivated throughout the learning process. Each student has their own finish line and reaching it is an improvement.

To create motivation for students, teacher should give rewards and recognition to students.

Some students are strongly motivated by rewards or recognition. One commonly used method is to create a reward system in the classroom. Teachers can design class rewards, but students tend to be more motivated if rewards are based on individual progress or achievement. Depending on the type of reward, there will be different levels of interest based on the student’s interests.

Put on each student’s desk a small chart to track the positive behaviors you want to reward (good attitude, high performance, progress). The awarding can be for all students, a small group or a specific student that the teacher is targeting.

create motivation for students, teacher should give rewards and recognition to students.
Give students the praise and recognition despite their smallest progress.

While the rewards can be very appealing and realistic, the recognition and praise can go beyond that. Many students expect only praise and recognition from teachers and parents. . Recognition of achievement will give students great motivation to continue moving forward and successfully completing their goals.

Teacher should find out students’ interests.

This is the method of digging into the “gold mine” of the internal motivation. When the subject focused on the student’s interests, teacher can create motivation for students easily. So the teacher can find out some of the student’s interests who are having difficulty finding motivation.

Moreover, teacher can combine lessons with student interests by applying “The Multiple Intelligences theory“. In this way, learning will excite them, not force or put pressure on them.

Develop positive and meaningful relationships with students.

All of the ideas listed above can help teachers motivate students for a long time. However, teachers need to build and develop meaningful relationships with students. To motivate their students, teachers need to know what really attracts them. How can the teacher know a student’s interests without actually getting to know them?

Teacher should develop positive and meaningful relationships with students.

Love from a teacher can form and grow motivation within each student. When students know their teachers care and want them to succeed, they also respond. From there, students will adore their teachers and schools. Therefore, they will be motivated to do their best!

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