By leveraging your brain and subconscious potentials, you can influence others, solve difficult problems and make friends more easily. It all depends on how you use your mind. This article will give you 5 tips on how to use your subconscious mind potential and get more success at work.

1. Create more relationships

When you find similarities between yourself and another person, you create a connection between the subconscious mind of you two. This similarity can be created through practice. You can practice speaking at the same speed, using similar expressions and gestures to the ones you need to make friends in particular contexts.

5 ways to create influences on others by your subconscious mind potential
5 ways to create influences on others by your subconscious mind potential

It is important that you show the similarities delicately, making them feel comfortable talking with you. When exercising long enough and with a reasonable frequency, your subconscious will automatically memorize those expressions, gestures, and words for use in everyday situations without creating discomfort. Through that, you can make a close bond with the person you want to befriend with easily.

2. Trust your intuition

Chess players rely heavily on intuition in playing important games. It is not just a kind of emotion, but a precise hunch created from accumulated experiences in the past. Intuition influences your mind with sudden urges and hints in special situations. Intuition is made up of your own skills and knowledge. So learn to cheer up and trust your intuition.

your subconscious mind potential

3. Eliminate prejudices about making friends

Do you think liking or hating someone is uncontrollable? Not entirely so. You can easily make others fall in love with you because the emotions that make you love or hate someone can be controlled with your subconscious mind potential. If you understand this, you will be able to find the right techniques to create a good emotional state that connects people together. Having more good friends is also one way to help you find more opportunities and get motivated.

4. Understand what others need

Usually, when you want to make friends and find someone to share and talk with, that should be people who share similar personalities or hobbies like you and have something that you admire and want to learn. So on the contrary, if you want to attract others, figure out your traits, personalities, and strengths that others might want. Then, confidently show that attractive side of yourself. You will make exciting new friends that match your interests and needs.

5. Prove your strengths

Spend some time thinking about yourself, or asking your best friends. Ask them to describe you with a few words, and then evaluate the words they use. Are you satisfied with those descriptions or not? If that’s not what you want, take the initiative to change yourself. If you can assert yourself and show your strengths in the workplace, you will easily get attention and appreciation from your superiors. That will be a great advantage for you to get promoted and get a better position at work.

With the above suggestions, you’ve probably partly understood the importance and benefits of subconscious reprogramming. Through regular exercise, you can easily control these expressions and improve your social relationships. If you want to learn more about your subconscious mind potential and how to reprogram it, you can consider our Reprogam Subconscious Mindapp. It is an excellent means to shorten your path to success!