Everyone wants to maintain self-esteem. But not everyone knows how to cultivate their pride. In fact, there are many ways to keep your confidence high. This article will give some suggestions on how we can build our self-esteem.

What is self-esteem?

We can define this conception as confidence or self-respect. But actually, the word esteem comes from estimate, which means evaluation. Thus, this word means self-assessment or self-understanding. People with high self-esteem are confident people, whereas people with low self-esteem are always full of doubts about themselves.

Self-esteem means self-assessment or self-understanding
Self-esteem means self-assessment or self-understanding

More and more people are learning to improve their self-esteem, as it is one of the important factors for your success. If we can do it, we not only feel more optimistic but also become stronger in life.

According to brain studies, when we have self-esteem, we face setbacks and difficulties in a more resilient spirit. Therefore, the pain will not last long and it will be easier for us to get up after falling. Besides, with high self-esteem, we also rarely suffer from anxiety and stress.

How to improve self-esteem?

While it would be great if we have high confidence in ourselves, not everyone knows how to improve it. Besides, self-esteem is only good in moderation. If one doesn’t know how to adjust and balance it, he can be conceited, arrogant, or narcissistic. Such people are not tolerant of criticism or negative feedback. They are very vulnerable and tend to react negatively to unsatisfactory comments.

improve self-esteem
Love yourself is an important factor to improve self-esteem

So consider these 5 ways to help you moderately raise your self-esteem.

Affirm your self-worth

Make a list of your good points and think about them in case of failure. For example, if you don’t get promoted, make a list of your strengths as an employee, such as whether you are always on time, you work responsibly, or you have a good relationship with colleagues. Let’s repeat and keep talking about those strengths every day to make yourself more confident and motivated to work and try harder.

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Don’t criticize, but love yourself

For people with low self-esteem, the situation will not get better for them, because they tend to criticize themselves. To increase your self-esteem, turn criticism into tolerance and love. Motivating yourself like this will not hurt your self-respect, and will help build it even stronger.

Accept compliments

We often reject or deny it when praised by others. To a moderate extent, it is humility. But if you do that often and don’t accept those compliments at all, it’s negative self-denial and self-esteem damage. As such, just be open to sincere compliments that match your self-assessment. The most effective way to avoid getting awkward when you receive a lot of compliments is thanks.

You are capable of doing a job if you strongly believe so
Recognize and develop your own abilities

If you focus on the things you do well, you will always be satisfied with the results of your efforts. On that basis, you will be able to feel more confident every day. It’s an effective way to build and nurture self-esteem. If you feel like you’re good at cooking, invite friends over often to have dinner cozy parties.

Encourage and acknowledge self-worth

Regularly remind yourself that you are doing well and that your goals are bound to be achieved. However, statements like “I’ll get a promotion”, “I’ll get a scholarship”, or “I’ll get into the best school” usually only work for those who already have confidence. Those with low self-esteem will not be able to say such things, because their beliefs are not strong enough. So, just adjust the level of affirmation to suit your beliefs.

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