If you are a person with social anxiety in your life, you should read this post. I’ll show you 5 tips to eliminate it as well as reprogram your subconscious mind effectively.

How is a person with anxiety?

There are many different types of subconscious anxiety, including generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder agoraphobia, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. However, GAD is the most common anxiety nowadays. Its expressions are:

  • People always feel persistent, excessive, and uncontrollable
  • They feel worried nearly all of the time

While most people worry about things such as family, work, health, and money, anxious people worry about everything, even small things. Although this kind of feeling doesn’t affect your daily life too much, people with GAD find that their fear is excessive.

The anxious people do things out of proportion. They also tend to worry a lot about the future and uncertainty. For example, they wake up unconsciously and worry about something for unknown reasons. They are difficult to control (they worry about a lot of different things for a lot of time). As a result, anxiety can affect people’s relationships, sleep, health, and job performance.

What causes anxiety?

  • Genes from parents play an important role in the development of it
  • Stressful life events also play a part in the development of it
  • Your personality structure can also influence how you feel
  • Physical illness, substances, and medications, etc

How to eliminate anxiety?

1. Reprogram your subconscious

Subconscious reprogramming is the first way to eliminate this feeling. Because the subconscious contains all of the negative feelings and thoughts. And it is difficult to control because of the repetition of those feelings.

So, you can try the following ways to reprogram your subconscious more positively:

  • Mediation
  • Hypnosis
  • Using the app “RESUMIND”. It will help you reprogram your subconscious mind while sleeping.

2. Stay away from stimulants that harm your mental

As we all know, stimulants are very harmful to our spirits. They make us lose control of our minds. Sometimes, it also makes people get away from us and make us feel lonely. At that time, you will feel even more anxious when there is no support and encouragement around you.

Thus, stay away from stimulants helps us get a healthy life as well as reduce fear.

3. Positive affirmations

When we are anxious, we tend to think negatively and make ourselves difficult. Instead of those negative thoughts, you should learn how to self-talk positive affirmations.

Try to practice that thinking way will help you get rid of anxiety soon. Besides, you will have more belief in yourself and achieve more success.

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Tip 4 to eliminate anxiety. Join in healthy activities

A key feature of anxiety is avoidance. Avoidance is when you miss out on fun or important experiences because of fear. For example, you say “no” to a party because you’re worried that people there will judge you. Or you don’t even apply for a new job because you’re afraid of rejection.

Avoidance takes your chance to have fun, connect with other people, achieve things, and overcome your fears away. It keeps anxiety going. So, why don’t you try these ways:

  • Try activities that push you just a little bit outside of your comfort zone
  • Learn to tolerate the uncomfortable physical symptoms of this feeling
  • Reduce the behaviors that can keep it going such as excessive planning and list-making.

5. Join in reducing anxiety courses

Another way to get rid of anxiety is to join in reducing anxiety courses. If you do not feel the above methods are suitable for you. Because they require high self-awareness as well as big effort, you can find help from experts.

Thank you for your reading. Hope you have a good day!


App Resumind help eliminate anxiety
App Resumind help eliminate anxiety

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