There are so many times you want to study English but then you give up without getting your goal. In this article, we will discuss about the way to maintain the motivation to study English every day.

1. Create a passion for the language will help you have more motivation to study English.

This is the second motivation to learn English that I mentioned: “learning for hobbies”.

What if you are a natural student and the years in school have left an impression of being too “haunted” with English? Actually this is not difficult at all. The language itself is very beautiful. You just don’t realize it yet. Let’s start with the lightest way: “start with your own interests”.

If you like watching movies, don’t hesitate to watch English-learning movies: Hollywood blockbusters or British classic movies.There are too many interesting choices.

motivation to study: Watch English movie
Watch English movie is the an effective way to study English.

When you watch your favorite programs, it will stimulate curiosity. Therefore, you will want to learn about the culture of the local people and their languages.

Besides, you can diversify your learning forms. You don’t need to learnall the content, vocabulary and structure every day. Make the lessons as enjoyable as possible. If you did too much grammar exercises yesterday, then you can listen to music or watch an English movie today. And you can learn English vocabulary from there.

2. Rest and come back at the right time to have more motivation to study English.

Maintain your motivation to study English.
Maintain your motivation to study English.

In the beginning you can be very motivated to learn English and set very high expectations for yourself. You may studyat large volumes without rest. This will only make you feel gradually tired and depressed.

Of course you should learn English as often as possible. But we always need a break!

Design for yourself a daily English learning schedule that best suits. And if one day you feel too tired and or busy, you can skip learning English. Just make sure to come back the next day. If you are on vacation or traveling, just relax and enjoy your vacation. And remember to continue your studies right after!

The most important key is to make English a daily routine, and always come back to it. Don’t let yourself be so busy that you forget to study for weeks and months. Find a rhythm that suits your life, and be flexible enough to adjust it as needed.

3. Another way to increase the motivation to study English is to break down your goals and record your progress.

30 minutes of learning English every day is not a specific enough goal to motivate you to start learning. When you wake up in the morning, write down specific goals for yourself.

You can “Translate Lemon Tree song into Vietnamese” or “learn new words from the movie Forrest Gump”. It will be a more specific and attractive goal because it is like a task that has been “installed” in mind.

In additionto having a route to learn English from the A-Z, review each achievement. Mark where you are in that path every day. Thinking about your progress is always a great motivator. Knowing where you are will help you not find your goals too vague and far-fetched.

4. Stop comparing and think positively about your English progress.

Unfortunately, many English learners have a very negative view of their English ability. If you think so too, your English is probably better than you imagined. And you are doing well. It is true that there is still a lot of things to improve, but a native speaker should still be able to understand what you want to say. That is a really big achievement.

One reason many English learners often underestimate their English is because they are comparing themselves to native English speakers or other learners who are already fluent.

Don’t compare your English to anyone, because this is not fair!

Don’t compare your English to anyone.

A native speaker practically spends 24 hours a day from birth to learn English. They used their childhood to watch TV programs in English and read tons of books in English at school, …

Even if a friend in English class is better than you? Ask yourself, do you spend a lot of time studying or have as many advantages as that person? Nobody is ignorant of anything, they simply don’t care enough.

5. Use English as much as possible.

Make English a part of your life. This is really easy. Set English as the language of your phone. Read an English book. Send a text message to a foreign friend or give directions to a tourist, …

Using English from the lowest level can also motivate your learning.

When you see pronunciation lessons that help you understand an elevator English conversation, you’ll be motivated to learn English even more.

If you memorize a few words from your vocabulary list and then come across them in a movie or article, you will want to learn more words.

So if there is any opportunity to have an English conversation with a foreigner, don’t be shy!

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RESUMIND will make motivation to study every day

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